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  • Updated:   9/5/2023
  • Contains:  21 items
A collection of publications focussed on methodology and methods of evidence synthesis including methodological guidance papers from JBI.


  • Updated:   5/10/2023
  • Contains:  25 items
A free access collection of reviews addressing questions relevant to the myriad of challenges raised by COVID-19 and its global spread. Reviews inform clinical skills centered on infection control as well as evidence to support clinician well-being and strategies to handle fatigue, moral decision making, grief and aggressive patients. Many qualitative reviews focus on patient-centered care around these issues. Content also includes reviews addressing strategies to help people cope in isolation, to better manage their own health issues and psychological well-being.

Aged care

  • Updated:   2/9/2023
  • Contains:  49 items
A collection of reviews related to aged care in health and community settings.


  • Updated:   8/17/2022
  • Contains:  57 items
A collection of reviews that are pertinent to treatment and management of cancer.

Cardiovascular disease

  • Updated:   9/5/2023
  • Contains:  58 items
A collection of reviews on cardiovascular disease, which is a collective term for all diseases and conditions involving the heart and blood vessels.

Education in healthcare

  • Updated:   7/11/2023
  • Contains:  64 items
A topical collection showcasing reviews that cover subjects such as education and training for nurses, patients and communities


  • Updated:   8/6/2023
  • Contains:  22 items
A collection of reviews on a variety of eHealth and technology topics, such as mobile health interventions, telemedicine, health information technology, and technology-assisted therapies and education.

Evidence for lower- and middle-income countries

  • Updated:   10/12/2022
  • Contains:  61 items
A collection of reviews addressing questions relevant to lower- and middle-income countries across the globe.

Infectious disease

  • Updated:   5/10/2023
  • Contains:  32 items
A collection of reviews on various aspects of the prevention, screening, treatment and management of infectious diseases.

Mental health

  • Updated:   4/12/2023
  • Contains:  74 items
A collection of reviews tackling subjects such as anxiety, depression, phobias and general mental health issues.


  • Updated:   12/13/2022
  • Contains:  31 items
A collection of reviews on nutrition and dietary issues.

Palliative care

  • Updated:   8/6/2023
  • Contains:  16 items
A collection of reviews on the myriad of issues surrounding end-of-life care for patients, their families and/or carers.


  • Updated:   4/12/2023
  • Contains:  42 items
A collection of reviews related to surgical services.

Women's and children's health

  • Updated:   9/5/2023
  • Contains:  113 items
A collection of reviews related to women, pregnancy, infants and children.