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October-December 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 4
pp: 4-41



Jordan, Zoe

PACEsetterS. 8(4):4, October-December 2011.

Editor-in-Chief Zoe Jordan explores the brave new world of librarians and their growing involvement ...

News and Views

Partnership Corner: The Scholar and the Clinician

Jordan, Zoe; Woods, Anne Dabrow

PACEsetterS. 8(4):17, October-December 2011.

JBI and Wolters Kluwer Health bring you a new evidence-based practice network, a series of evidence-...

RE: Members

PACEsetterS. 8(4):18, October-December 2011.

JBI continues to build on resources designed to help healthcare providers with the long-term-care of...

Evidence in Action

Evidence in Action—Utilization Report

Non-Pharmacological management of challenging behavior among older adults in residential aged care facility in NSW: A Best Practice Implementation Project

Dwyer, Drew; Oblien, Judy; Kentwell, Tracy; More

PACEsetterS. 8(4):25-30, October-December 2011.

Find out how a residential aged care service provider made a transition in the delivery of service a...

Risk Factor Modification among Vascular Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease in an Acute Hospital Setting: A Best Practice Implementation Project

PACEsetterS. 8(4):31-35, October-December 2011.

See how one acute care hospital developed a risk assessment tool to optimize patients' medications t...


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News and Views

Dramas, reckless abandon, humility, and evidence

Jordan, Zoe

PACEsetterS. 8(4):6-9, October-December 2011.

As editor in chief of the Cochrane Library, a leading international resource for evidence-based info...

An interview with Dr. Ann McKibbon, Director MSc eHealth program at McMaster University

deAlmeida, Gavin

PACEsetterS. 8(4):10-12, October-December 2011.

Professor McKibbon has been a health librarian for over 30 years and has forged a name for herself i...

Life as a medical librarian at the University of Chicago

deAlmeida, Gavin

PACEsetterS. 8(4):13-15, October-December 2011.

Medical librarian Cleo Pappas believes that medical librarians can improve their knowledge and capab...