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July-September 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 3
pp: 4-49



Jordan, Zoe

PACEsetterS. 8(3):4, July-September 2011.

Is achieving global health an impossible mission? Editor-in-Chief Zoe Jordan ponders this question a...

News and Views

The scholar and the clinician

Jordan, Zoe; Woods, Anne Dabrow

PACEsetterS. 8(3):17, July-September 2011.

This new column reflects the partnering of JBI and Wolters Kluwer Health as scholar and practitioner...

Evidence in Action: Recommended Practice

Evidence in Action: Peer Reviewed Article

Implementing Restraint Minimization Practices in a 30-Bed High-care Dementia Unit: A Best Practice Implementation Project

Murray, Robyn

PACEsetterS. 8(3):25-33, July-September 2011.

Find out how a dementia unit implemented best practice in their restraint minimization practices to ...

Advanced Care Planning: How does current practice compare with best practice?

van der Spek, Elizabeth

PACEsetterS. 8(3):34-39, July-September 2011.

See how an aged care facility turned their current practice regarding advanced care planning into be...


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Systematic Review Training in Vietnam: Queensland Center for Evidence-Based Nursing and Midwifery

PACEsetterS. 8(3):44-45, July-September 2011.

A week of teaching workshops to nurses in Vietnam turned out to be both challenging and rewarding as...

Fanning the flames of evidence-based practice: A fiery midyear celebration

PACEsetterS. 8(3):47, July-September 2011.

JBI hosted a midyear celebration of their achievements so far this year. The celebration was also a ...

News and Views

People are Dying for Lack of Knowledge: Now a New Strategy for Strengthening the System is Needed

PACEsetterS. 8(3):6-10, July-September 2011.

Dr. Neil Pakenham-Walsh believes that healthcare information/knowledge can save lives even where hea...

KT PARTNERSHIPS: Working Together Towards Excellence in Healthcare

Foy, Robbie

PACEsetterS. 8(3):11-14, July-September 2011.

At the University of Leeds, Professor Robbie Foy focuses on understanding and closing the gap betwee...

Remembering a Nursing Icon: Luther Christman (1915–2011)

PACEsetterS. 8(3):15-16, July-September 2011.

Throughout his nursing career that spanned 65 years, Luther Christman was a champion for improving p...