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April-June 2011 - Volume 8 - Issue 2
pp: 4-35


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Evidence in Action: Recommended Practice

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Mat, Samsiah; Panduragan, Santhna Letchmi; Saharuddin, ; More

PACEsetterS. 8(2):25-30, April-June 2011.

A diabetic foot education program at a primary health clinic in Kuala Lumpur: a best practice implem...


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News and Views

Dreaming BIG for Real Change: Dr. Susan Mace Weeks and the TCU Center for Evidence-Based Practice and Research

Weeks, Susan Mace

PACEsetterS. 8(2):6-10, April-June 2011.

Founding this center was Dr. Weeks' dream as she had the opportunity to develop a center of excellen...

Searching for Clues in Health and Collaboration: Dr. Kiyoko Makimoto and the Japan Center for Evidence-Based Practice

PACEsetterS. 8(2):11-14, April-June 2011.

Although Dr. Makimoto didn't end up penning detective stories or unearthing prehistoric cities, she ...

An Interview with Dr. Arja Holopainen of The Finnish Center for Evidence-Based Healthcare

PACEsetterS. 8(2):15-17, April-June 2011.

Finland is one of the five largest countries in Europe but also one of the most sparsely populated, ...