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Remembering a Nursing Icon: Luther Christman (1915–2011)

PACEsetterS. 8(3):15-16, July-September 2011.

Throughout his nursing career that spanned 65 years, Luther Christman was a champion for improving professional nursing practice and elevating the educational level of the nursing profession. Many nurses will remember him fondly across the world.

A “force” to be reckoned with!: The international attraction of Magnet status

Drenkard, Karen

PACEsetterS. 8(1):10-13, January-March 2011.

Today the Magnet Recognition program is an international phenomenon. The next generation of Magnet is with us, putting nursing at the forefront of excellence in patient care.

Above PAR Care: Implementation of a Failure- to-Rescue Strategy

Williams, Kathleen M.

PACEsetterS. 8(1):31-35, January-March 2011.

Recognising and responding to a patient deterioration that may lead to an adverse event can be difficult at best. Can a structured approach pre-emptively prevent adverse events?

Implementing Restraint Minimization Practices in a 30-Bed High-care Dementia Unit: A Best Practice Implementation Project

Murray, Robyn

PACEsetterS. 8(3):25-33, July-September 2011.

Find out how a dementia unit implemented best practice in their restraint minimization practices to improve care delivery for residents.

Implementation of a Visual Gestational Weight Gain Grid: by Advanced Practice Nurses in a Local Non-Profit, Community Hospital-Based, Outpatient Prenatal Clinic in CaliforniaAn Evidenced-Based Practice Project

Merica-Jones, Susan A.; White, Sharon; Gallo, Ana-Maria; More

PACEsetterS. 8(1):25-30, January-March 2011.

Advanced Practice nurses in California tackle implementation of a visual gestational weight gain grid

ST VINCENT'S PRIVATE HOSPITAL, SYDNEY: On the Magnet Journey - In Pursuit of Excellence in Compassionate Care

Walker, Kim; Aguilera, Jose

PACEsetterS. 8(1):14-17, January-March 2011.

Follow the Magnet journey on a ‘whole of hospital, nurse led initiative’ and the ‘champions’ and ‘super champions’ that implement structures and processes to improve practice in Australia.

The scholar and the clinician

Jordan, Zoe; Woods, Anne Dabrow

PACEsetterS. 8(3):17, July-September 2011.

This new column reflects the partnering of JBI and Wolters Kluwer Health as scholar and practitioner work together to provide you with the best available evidence to inform your clinical decisions.

Better Places, Better Spaces, Better Relationships: Practice development and the ‘living laboratory’

McCormack, Brendan

PACEsetterS. 8(1):6-9, January-March 2011.

From shy, country born Irish boy to international leader in evidence implementation, Professor Brendan McCormack is working with nurses to unravel the complexities of practice and approaches to knowledge utilisation.