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Zoe Jordan, Associate Director. PHOTO: Coutesy of Fran Monks (

The transformation of health care systems globally is an ongoing challenge. Scientists, researchers, managers and clinicians at all levels of health systems defy the odds every single day to provide health care to their communities in often less than ideal circumstances. Staffing and resource issues usually top the list of challenges, but it doesn't end there.

Evidence-based practice is seen by many as an additional requirement to the every day demands of their busy work schedules and is still often viewed as a burden as much as a benefit. So, in this issue of PACEsetterS we take a look at some of the unique work being undertaken internationally on pragmatic approaches to practice change.

We talk to Mary Salisbury of the Cedar Institute about the TeamSTEPPS initiative, which works to translate research into frontline improvements in care. Jack Needleman is also interested in healthcare transformation and runs the Transforming Care at the Bedside (TCAB) program for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The outcomes of the program have proved inspiring and the possibilities are endless.

As this issue is published we have left behind the excitement of our first event in the Americas. The 7th Biennial Joanna Briggs Colloquium in Chicago was a fantastic event and the icing on the cake was the announcement of a new partnership with Wolters Kluwer Health to publish a new version of PACEsetterS starting in 2011. You won't miss out on any of the regular content you have come to know and enjoy, but the bumper new volumes will include additional new, evidence-based, peer reviewed information that we know you will also value. So keep an eye out for the first issue next year and be sure to send us your thoughts on the new content.

Now we are in the lead up to the National Australian conference on Evidence Based Clinical Leadership with the novel venue of Palace Nova movie theatre. As always, the JBI creative and scientific teams have put together a program that promises to be not only thought provoking but also entertaining and we hope you can all join us.

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