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“Many of the characters we fall in love with exhibit the qualities of strong leaders”

Jordan, Zoe

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doi: 10.1097/01.JBI.0000390714.19085.93
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Zoe Jordan, Associate Director

Lights... Camera... Action!

At one time or another most of us have been inspired by a movie or movie character. In particular, we are often drawn to characters that demonstrate integrity and trust, that move us to view the world in a different light – with hope that circumstances can be changed and hardships overcome. Many of the characters we fall in love with exhibit the qualities of strong leaders. They do not always have great ambitions or big personalities. For the most part they are ‘ordinary’ characters that achieve greatness through ingenuity, innovation and necessity and who inspire us.

It is for this reason that we have chosen to host the 2010 National Australian Conference on Clinical Leadership, “Directing Policy to Action”, in the somewhat unusual location of Palace Nova Cinema in Adelaide, South Australia.

This issue of PACESetterS looks at leadership in health from a few different perspectives: from Hollywood to the health education sector to the clinical environment.

Hollywood and Health provides some insight into the extraordinary power and potential of the entertainment industry to influence health behaviours, both positive and negative. Their capacity to ‘lead’ the broader population in healthy and equally unhealthy behaviours has been significant and we take a closer look at the evolution of these various representations over the years.

Certainly a leader in his field, we interview Associate Professor Mellick Chehade, who is also speaking at the National Conference later this year. In this story we hear about how Associate Professor Chehade is taking a solution-focussed approach to education and equipping future surgeons with the skills to function effectively in a fast paced and constantly changing environment.

The stories in this issue remind us that strong leaders think creatively. They remain levelheaded and learn from their mistakes. They communicate effectively and work collaboratively. And as for failure, well, in the words of Gene Krantz (played by Ed Harris in the Apollo 13 movie, 1995) that's just not an option.

We hope you enjoy this issue of PACEsetterS and we look forward to seeing you either in Chicago in September at our biennial Colloquium or at the National Conference in November Adelaide. Both events promise to provide much insight and opportunity to network, learn and be inspired by your peers and colleagues from across the world.

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