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Taking new paces

Court, Anthea

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doi: 10.1097/01.JBI.0000393688.08868.3a
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nthea Court, Associate Director, Evidence Transfer and Utilisation

The Joanna Briggs Institute has made enormous strides in helping to enhance the quality of clinical care in aged care throughout the world with the establishment of a new group – the National Evidence-Based Aged Care Unit (NEBACU).

It coincides with the launch of the Institute's Fellowship program, which in conjunction with the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing, will assist in the implementation of best practice in an aged care setting.

Both of these new and exciting programs are Australian based, but the issues they will address generally follow suit around the world, and have the potential to achieve better outcomes for residents.

We focus on these new programs, and talk to the Chief Executive Officer of the Hall and Prior Aged Care Organisation, Graeme Prior, who is one of nine on a NEBACU expert advisory committee.

We welcome all of our new members, and our new collaborating centre in Cardiff, Wales. We meet the Wales Centre Director, Professor Davina Allen, and also catch up with our New Zealand Centre Director, Dr Bridie Kent.

Obesity is another worldwide problem covered in this issue, and according to Dr Clare Collins, Deputy Director of the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEBAND), a problem is the reporting of the evidence.

Dr Susan Mann, who is heading the Clinical Leadership Program in Australia, a program designed and developed by the Royal College of Nursing of the United Kingdom, tells a very special story on how a caring nurse changed her life.

Dr Quinette Louw, a South African physiotherapist, looks at her study on how basketballers suffer so many basketball injuries, and there is interesting reading on Joanna Briggs, who is about to celebrate a special birthday… but please, no cards. You must read this story first.

We also give you a little more information about the Joanna Briggs Institute 2005 International Convention – Pebbles of knowledge; making evidence meaningful – that we will proudly present at the Hilton Adelaide from November 28–30.

You are invited to listen to an impressive list of keynote speakers from around the world, and please take note of our call for abstracts. There is now a preliminary program available from the institute and also our web site. We would love to see you in Adelaide in November.

The Joanna Briggs Institute is working harder than ever to encourage the implementation of best practice, and perhaps this is as good an opportunity as ever to thank you for your commitment to evidence-based practice in a unified global bid to achieve better health care outcomes.

I sincerely hope 2005 continues to be a great year for you.

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