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Daydream believers…

Court, Anthea

doi: 10.1097/01.JBI.0000393267.08688.95

Assoc Director - Communications & Evaluation



At JBI we believe anything is possible. Better health outcomes for people across the world are possible. Undoubtedly, this is not without challenge or extraordinary hard work, but it begins with just one person, one thought, one action. The ripple effect is surprising.

For the Institute this journey began twelve years ago with the resolute vision of one individual. This vision has captured the imagination of thousands of others around the world. Many of you now recognise the JBI Model of Evidence Based Healthcare, and the Institute's goals of evidence synthesis, transfer and utilisation resonate with users of our resources internationally. It is the evidence (or knowledge) transfer component that is the focus of this issue of PACEsetterS as education is a core element of this process.

This issue explores a variety of international perspectives and educational courses centred on and around evidence-based healthcare. These stories come from all over the world, from Australia to Norway, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka.

Professor Bousso spoke to us from Brazil about their approach to nursing education at the University of Sao Paulo and in particular the unique ways they incorporate research into their programs.

The University of Oxford has been running courses in evidence-based healthcare for some years now and our interview with the Director of Postgraduate Programmes in Evidence Based Health Care, Dr Amanda Burls, highlights the flexible and comprehensive nature of the courses offered.

In Australia we interviewed Professor Pearson about new education initiatives being offered through the University of Adelaide and the Joanna Briggs Institute. We are also proud to launch the new, revitalised JBI education program in this issue and we have included a pull out calendar of dates to inspire and motivate you!

As this issue goes to print many of the staff of the Institute are returning from Cordoba in Spain where they attended the 6th Biennial Joanna Briggs Colloquium. This event represents yet another opportunity for academics and professionals alike to share their experiences and learn more about evidence-based practice across the globe.

Our curiosity about evidence-based healthcare and all its unique and variable nuances remains a strong motivating factor for the staff of the Institute and our many collaborating centres. We continue to learn about and develop new approaches and resources for health professionals and hope that PACEsetterS continues to be one of many ways that you learn with us.

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