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Clinical efficacy of low-dose emetine for patients with COVID-19: a real-world study

Fan, Song; Zhen, Qi; Chen, Cheng; More

Journal of Bio-X Research. 4(2):53-59, June 2021.

Epidermal growth factor receptor stabilizes programmed death ligand 1 by glycosylation in colorectal cancer with microstatellite instability status

Yin, Xinke; Wang, Yunlong; Bai, Shaomei; More

Journal of Bio-X Research. 2(1):1-8, March 2019.

Effects of grade, academic performance, and sex on spatial working memory and attention in primary school children: a cross-sectional observational study

Zhan, Nengpeng; Fan, Xuelian; Shen, Fengtao; More

Journal of Bio-X Research. 5(2):90-96, June 2022.

The first E59Q mutation identified in the NEUROD1 gene in a Chinese family with maturity-onset diabetes of the young: an observational study

Zhang, Juan; Jiang, Yanyan; Li, Li; More

Journal of Bio-X Research. 3(3):109-115, September 2020.

Single nucleotide polymorphism rs11191454 in arsenite methyltransferase is associated with flow in Chinese students: a genetic study on flow experience

Chen, Zhixuan; Liu, Chuanxin; An, Lin; More

Journal of Bio-X Research. 2(3):140-144, September 2019.

Combinatorial cell surface display system in Escherichia coli for noninvasive colorectal cancer detection

Hsiao, Chiayi; Fang, Qingwei; Zheng, Shuyu; More

Journal of Bio-X Research. 2(4):185-196, December 2019.