June 2022 - Volume 33 - Issue 6 : Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

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June 2022 - Volume 33 - Issue 6
pp: i-i,1051-1228




Chronic Kidney Disease

Acute Kidney Injury

Genetic Disease of the Kidney

Chronic Kidney Disease

Intestinal Bacterial Translocation Contributes to Diabetic Kidney Disease

Linh, Hoang Thuy; Iwata, Yasunori; Senda, Yasuko; More

JASN. 33(6):1105-1119, June 2022.

Reduced Glomerular Filtration in Diabetes Is Attributable to Loss of Density and Increased Resistance of Glomerular Endothelial Cell Fenestrations

Finch, Natalie C.; Fawaz, Sarah S.; Neal, Chris R.; More

JASN. 33(6):1120-1136, June 2022.

Glomerulonephritis and Interstitial Nephritis

Factor H–Related Protein 1 Drives Disease Susceptibility and Prognosis in C3 Glomerulopathy

Márquez-Tirado, Bárbara; Gutiérrez-Tenorio, Josué; Tortajada, Agustín; More

JASN. 33(6):1137-1153, June 2022.

Acute Kidney Injury

Tumor Lysis Syndrome and AKI: Beyond Crystal Mechanisms

Arnaud, Marine; Loiselle, Maud; Vaganay, Camille; More

JASN. 33(6):1154-1171, June 2022.

Acute Kidney Injury

Acute Kidney Injury Associates with Long-Term Increases in Plasma TNFR1, TNFR2, and KIM-1: Findings from the CRIC Study

McCoy, Ian E.; Hsu, Jesse Y.; Bonventre, Joseph V.; More

JASN. 33(6):1173-1181, June 2022.


Immunosuppressant Medication Use in Patients with Kidney Allograft Failure: A Prospective Multicenter Canadian Cohort Study

Knoll, Greg; Campbell, Patricia; Chassé, Michaël; More

JASN. 33(6):1182-1192, June 2022.

Glomerulonephritis and Interstitial Nephritis

Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Repeated Rituximab to Maintain Remission in Idiopathic Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome: An International Study

Chan, Eugene Yu-hin; Yu, Ellen L.M.; Angeletti, Andrea; More

JASN. 33(6):1193-1207, June 2022.