April 2021 - Volume 32 - Issue 4 : Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

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April 2021 - Volume 32 - Issue 4
pp: i-i,767-1007




Copy Number Variant Analysis and Genome-wide Association Study Identify Loci with Large Effect for Vesicoureteral Reflux

Verbitsky, Miguel; Krithivasan, Priya; Batourina, Ekaterina; More

JASN. 32(4):805-820, April 2021.

Automated Computational Detection of Interstitial Fibrosis, Tubular Atrophy, and Glomerulosclerosis

Ginley, Brandon; Jen, Kuang-Yu; Han, Seung Seok; More

JASN. 32(4):837-850, April 2021.

1α,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 Encapsulated in Nanoparticles Prevents Venous Neointimal Hyperplasia and Stenosis in Porcine Arteriovenous Fistulas

Singh, Avishek K.; Cai, Chuanqi; Kilari, Sreenivasulu; More

JASN. 32(4):866-885, April 2021.

Cardiovascular Risk Based on ASCVD and KDIGO Categories in Chinese Adults: A Nationwide, Population-Based, Prospective Cohort Study

Xu, Yu; Li, Mian; Qin, Guijun; More

JASN. 32(4):927-937, April 2021.

Risks of AKI and Major Adverse Clinical Outcomes in Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or Coronavirus Disease 2019

Teoh, Jeremy Yuen-Chun; Yip, Terry Cheuk-Fung; Lui, Grace Chung-Yan; More

JASN. 32(4):961-971, April 2021.

Rituximab or Cyclophosphamide in the Treatment of Membranous Nephropathy: The RI-CYCLO Randomized Trial

Scolari, Francesco; Delbarba, Elisa; Santoro, Domenico; More

JASN. 32(4):972-982, April 2021.

Kidney Function after Treatment for Childhood Cancer: A Report from the St. Jude Lifetime Cohort Study

Green, Daniel M.; Wang, Mingjuan; Krasin, Matthew; More

JASN. 32(4):983-993, April 2021.

Discovery and Validation of a Urinary Exosome mRNA Signature for the Diagnosis of Human Kidney Transplant Rejection

El Fekih, Rania; Hurley, James; Tadigotla, Vasisht; More

JASN. 32(4):994-1004, April 2021.

Authors’ Reply

Akizawa, Tadao; Iwasaki, Manabu; Yamaguchi, Yusuke; More

JASN. 32(4):1005-1007, April 2021.