January 2021 - Volume 32 - Issue 1 : Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

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January 2021 - Volume 32 - Issue 1
pp: i-i,1-258



Deep Learning–Based Segmentation and Quantification in Experimental Kidney Histopathology

Bouteldja, Nassim; Klinkhammer, Barbara M.; Bülow, Roman D.; More

JASN. 32(1):52-68, January 2021.

Humanized C3 Mouse: A Novel Accelerated Model of C3 Glomerulopathy

Devalaraja-Narashimha, Kishor; Meagher, Karoline; Luo, Yifan; More

JASN. 32(1):99-114, January 2021.

Association of Multiple Plasma Biomarker Concentrations with Progression of Prevalent Diabetic Kidney Disease: Findings from the Chronic Renal Insufficiency Cohort (CRIC) Study

Schrauben, Sarah J.; Shou, Haochang; Zhang, Xiaoming; More

JASN. 32(1):115-126, January 2021.

AKI in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19

Chan, Lili; Chaudhary, Kumardeep; Saha, Aparna; More

JASN. 32(1):151-160, January 2021.

AKI Treated with Renal Replacement Therapy in Critically Ill Patients with COVID-19

Gupta, Shruti; Coca, Steven G.; Chan, Lili; More

JASN. 32(1):161-176, January 2021.

Comparison of the Efficacy and Safety of Tacrolimus and Low-Dose Corticosteroid with High-Dose Corticosteroid for Minimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome in Adults

Chin, Ho Jun; Chae, Dong-Wan; Kim, Yong Chul; More

JASN. 32(1):199-210, January 2021.

Ziltivekimab for Treatment of Anemia of Inflammation in Patients on Hemodialysis: Results from a Phase 1/2 Multicenter, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Pergola, Pablo E.; Devalaraja, Matt; Fishbane, Steven; More

JASN. 32(1):211-222, January 2021.

Authors’ Reply

Collard, Didier; van de Velde, Lennart; Vogt, Liffert; More

JASN. 32(1):257-258, January 2021.