March 2020 - Volume 31 - Issue 3 : Journal of the American Society of Nephrology

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March 2020 - Volume 31 - Issue 3
pp: i-i,451-665


Special Article

Aldosterone Regulates Pendrin and Epithelial Sodium Channel Activity through Intercalated Cell Mineralocorticoid Receptor–Dependent and –Independent Mechanisms over a Wide Range in Serum Potassium

Pham, Truyen D.; Verlander, Jill W.; Wang, Yanhua; More

JASN. 31(3):483-499, March 2020.

Transplantation-Induced Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Modulates Antigen Presentation by Donor Renal CD11c+F4/80+ Macrophages through IL-1R8 Regulation

Aiello, Sistiana; Podestà, Manuel Alfredo; Rodriguez-Ordonez, Pamela Y.; More

JASN. 31(3):517-531, March 2020.

Proteome Analysis of Isolated Podocytes Reveals Stress Responses in Glomerular Sclerosis

Koehler, Sybille; Kuczkowski, Alexander; Kuehne, Lucas; More

JASN. 31(3):544-559, March 2020.

Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain Inhibitor Protects against Metabolic Disorders and Associated Kidney Disease in Obese Type 2 Diabetic Mice

Sugahara, Mai; Tanaka, Shinji; Tanaka, Tetsuhiro; More

JASN. 31(3):560-577, March 2020.

Measuring Quality in Kidney Care: An Evaluation of Existing Quality Metrics and Approach to Facilitating Improvements in Care Delivery

Mendu, Mallika L.; Tummalapalli, Sri Lekha; Lentine, Krista L.; More

JASN. 31(3):602-614, March 2020.

A Randomized Trial of Empagliflozin to Increase Plasma Sodium Levels in Patients with the Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis

Refardt, Julie; Imber, Cornelia; Sailer, Clara O.; More

JASN. 31(3):615-624, March 2020.

A Randomized Trial of Distal Diuretics versus Dietary Sodium Restriction for Hypertension in Chronic Kidney Disease

Bovée, Dominique M.; Visser, Wesley J.; Middel, Igor; More

JASN. 31(3):650-662, March 2020.