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​The Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy (JAPT) is the official  journal of APTA Aquatic Physical Therapy, an academy of the American Physical Therapy Association. It is a peer-reviewed, indexed resource for dissemination of research and scholarly work related to the field of aquatic physical therapy with an emphasis on implications and applications for therapy practice. The journal promotes the integration of evidence into theory, education, research, and practice related to the field of aquatic therapy. JAPT is dedicated to the development advancement of aquatic therapy through publication of research and scholarly work related, but not limited to, scientific bases, integration of theory into education, translation of clinically relevant knowledge, clinical application, and education of clinicians.

JAPT is a member benefit and publishes three issues per year as an online only publication beginning with 2021.

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Chelsea Neve
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Taylor Walker

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Erin Cantino
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Kelle Ramsay
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Maureen Howard
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