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Clinical Science

A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 1 Trial of Radiopaque Islatravir-Eluting Subdermal Implants for Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Against HIV-1 Infection

Matthews, Randolph P.; Zang, Xiaowei; Barrett, Stephanie E.; More


Vaporized Nicotine (E-cigarette) and Tobacco Smoking Among People with HIV: Use Patterns and Associations with Depression and Panic Symptoms

Hahn, AW; Ruderman, SA; Nance, RM; More


CD4/CD8 ratio recovery among people living with HIV starting with first-line integrase strand transfer inhibitors: a prospective regional cohort analysis

Han, Win Min; Avihingsanon, Anchalee; Rajasuriar, Reena; More

Brief Report: Clinical Science

Sex differences in the association between cerebrovascular function and cognitive health in people living with HIV in urban China

Chow, Felicia C.; Zhao, Fang; He, Yun; More

Clinical Science

Birth country influences the choice of antiretroviral therapy in HIV-infected individuals: experience from a French HIV centre

Palich, Romain; Agher, Rachid; Wetshikoy, Dimoke J.; More

Clinical Science

Interaction of Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate and Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate/Emtricitabine on Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Cervical Tissue Susceptibility to HIV Infection and Pharmacokinetics

Coleman, Jenell S.; Diniz, Clarissa P.; Fuchs, Edward J.; More

Implementation Science

An Evaluation of an Enhanced Model of Integrating Family Planning into HIV Treatment Services in Zambia, April 2018 – June 2019

Medley, Amy; Tsiouris, Fatima; Pals, Sherri; More

Clinical Science

Pharmacokinetics, tolerability and safety of doravirine and doravirine/lamivudine/tenofovir disoproxil fumarate fixed dose combination tablets in adolescents living with HIV: Week 24 results from IMPAACT 2014.

Melvin, Ann J; Yee, Ka Lai; Gray, Kathryn P; More

Brief Report: Epidemiology

Dapivirine ring HIV-1 prevention effectiveness for women engaged in vaginal and anal intercourse: insights from mathematical modeling

Peebles, Kathryn; Brown, Elizabeth R.; Hendrix, Craig W.; More

Clinical Science

Self-Reported Antiretroviral Adherence: Association with Maternal Viral Load Suppression in Postpartum Women Living with HIV-1 from Promoting Maternal and Infant Survival Everywhere (PROMISE), a Randomized Controlled Trial in Sub-Saharan Africa and India.

Nevrekar, Neetal; Butler, Kevin; Shapiro, David E.; More


Depression and Sexual Stigma are Associated with Cardiometabolic Risk among Sexual and Gender Minorities Living with HIV in Nigeria

Adebajo, Sylvia B; Adebiyi, Ruxton; Chama, John; More


Health insurance coverage, clinical outcomes, and health-related quality of life among youth born to women living with HIV

Lemon, Tiffany L.; Tassiopoulos, Katherine; Tsai, Alexander C.; More

Clinical Science

Association of PTSD with Longitudinal COVID-19 Burden in a Mixed-Serostatus Cohort of Men and Women: Weathering the Storm

Jones, Deborah L.; Zhang, Yuehan; Rodriguez, Violeta J.; More

Prevention Research

Modeling the Impact of HIV-1 Nucleic Acid Testing among Symptomatic Adult Outpatients in Kenya

Hamilton, Deven T.; Agutu, Clara; Babigumira, Joseph B.; More

Prevention Research

Randomized Controlled Trial of Healthy Divas: A Gender-Affirming, Peer-Delivered Intervention to Improve HIV Care Engagement among Transgender Women Living with HIV

Sevelius, Jae M.; Dilworth, Samantha E.; Reback, Cathy J.; More

Brief Report: Implementation Science

Pediatric saliva-based HIV testing: healthcare worker and caregiver acceptability

Neary, Jillian; Bulterys, Michelle A.; Ogutu, Emily A.; More

Implementation Science

Direct and indirect effects of a Project ECHO longitudinal clinical tele-mentoring program on viral suppression for persons with HIV: a population-based analysis

Wood, Brian R.; Bauer, Karin; Lechtenberg, Richard; More


Sexual relationship power equity is associated with consistent condom use and fewer experiences of recent violence among women living with HIV in Canada

Closson, Kalysha; Lee, Melanie; Gibbs, Andrew; More

Clinical Science

Health impact and cost-effectiveness of HIV testing, linkage, and early antiretroviral treatment in the Botswana Combination Prevention Project

Resch, Stephen C.; Foote, Julia H. A.; Wirth, Kathleen E.; More

Rapid Communication

Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection is Common among ART-treated People with HIV

Overton, Edgar T.; Weir, Isabelle R.; Zanni, Markella V.; More


Associations between mobility, food insecurity and transactional sex among women in cohabitating partnerships: an analysis from six African countries 2016-2017

Khalifa, Aleya; Findley, Sally; Gummerson, Elizabeth; More

Clinical Science

Achieving antiretroviral therapy uptake and viral suppression among children and adolescents living with HIV in the UNAIDS 90-90-90 era across six countries in Eastern and Southern Africa – lessons from the BIPAI Network

Bacha, Jason M.; Dlamini, Sandile; Anabwani, Florence; More


Factors associated with severity of COVID-19 disease in a multicenter cohort of people with HIV in the United States, March-December 2020.

Shapiro, Adrienne E.; Bender Ignacio, Rachel A.; Whitney, Bridget M.; More

Prevention Research

Patterns of Adherence to a Dapivirine Vaginal Ring for HIV-1 Prevention Among South African Women in a Phase III Randomized Controlled Trial

Browne, Erica N; Brown, Elizabeth R; Palanee-Phillips, Thesla; More

Clinical Science


Psomas, Christina K.; Hoover, Donald R.; Shi, Qiuhu; More


Similar but different: Integrated phylogenetic analysis of Austrian and Swiss HIV-1 sequences reveal differences in transmission patterns of the local HIV-1 epidemics

Kusejko, Katharina; Tschumi, Nadine; Chaudron, Sandra E.; More

Implementation Science


Ssempijja, Victor; Nakigozi, Gertrude; Ssekubugu, Robert; More