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SAN MARINO CONFERENCES"Scientific research at the dawning of the Third Millenium"

Chronic Viral Diseases Associated With Immunodeficiency, Cancer and Neurological Disorders October 22-25, 1997

Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and Human Retrovirology: July 1, 1997 - Volume 15 - Issue 3 - p 245-246
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Republic of San Marino Ministry of Health and Social Security Under the Auspices of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent

In collaboration with the World Health Organization and the European School of Oncology

Chairman Prof. Robert R. Redfield (USA)

Vice-Chairman prof. Detlev Baurs Krey (USA)

Co-Chairman Prof. Fritz Melchers: (SWITZERLAND); Prof. Reihnart Kurth: (GERMANY); Prof. Adolfo Turano: (ITALY); Prof. Hans Wigzell: (SWEDEN)

The Conference will bring together leaders in research in virology, immunology and cancer as well as senior public policy maker to facilitate the translations of the frontiers of science to society. With the pace of new advancements in human immunology, molecular virology and biotechnology, the successful treatment and prevention of disease caused by chronic viral pathogens will likely be realized as we enter the third millenium. The conference will focus on new developments in basic immunology and molecular virology which are likely to impact future technology development and impact the clinical application of novel treatments modalities for chronic disease and cancer. Senior scientists to share their vision of the future of the potential of medicine to learn to harness the power of the human immune system, exploit gene therapy, develop other novel approaches for the treatment of chronic viral infection and cancer.

Public policy leaders will share their unique perspective here related to health care delivery, biomedical ethics, disease prevention, medical-science economic, and role of science in society.

The format for the Conference will include introductory and closing lecture, special lectures, posters workshops and panel discussions.

The central theme of the Conference will be the emphasis of new approaches for treatment of chronic viral disease and cancer. Treatment strategies will focus on those which strive to exploit the human immune system for its therapeutic potential include immune based cytokine and vaccine therapy, therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, engineered antibodies, and in vitro cellular expansion techniques directed at cellular reconstitution, and will as gene therapy, use of genetically engineered biological products as therapeutic products.

Scientific sessions will highlight new insights in human immunology to include understanding of host cytokine regulation, innate and adaptive immune function, autoimmunity, tolerance, and mechanism of cancer and viral induced immune suppression and dysregulation. Speakers will discuss new knowledge related to viral molecular and immune pathogensis with an emphasis on definition of molecular or immunological targets which are potential treatment targets.

A session on broader health care and prevention issues related to chronic viral diseases and cancer will take place at the Conference and a round table will be organised for discussion on "Public policy issues related to health care delivery, biomedical issues, disease prevention and role of science in society."

This year's Conference will also include a companion workshop organized by Prof. G. Gasbarrini, Prof. R. Raedsch and Dr. G. Ghironzi, entitled "Gastroduodenal Pathology and Modern Treatment Concepts." Experts in the field of H. pylori infection and peptic ulcer disease will discuss targeted topics related to the diagnosis, pathogenesis and clinical management of peptic ulcer disease.


  • H.E. Canducci Sante
  • H.Em. Cardinal
  • Angelini Fiorenzo
  • Aiuti Fernando
  • Asvall Jo.E.
  • Baurs-Krey Detlev
  • Blattner William
  • Blaudin de the 'Guy
  • Burny Arsene
  • Carosi Gianpiero
  • Dierich Manfred
  • Di Virgilio Domenico
  • Essex Max
  • Fadala Giovanni
  • Ferrarini Manlio
  • Fleckenstein Bernhard
  • Gallo Robert
  • Garaci Enrico
  • Ghironzi Giancarlo
  • Habermehl Karl Otto
  • Hilleman Maurice
  • Ippolito Fernando
  • Klein George
  • Koprowsky Hilary
  • Lanzavecchia Antonio
  • La Placa Michele
  • Lehrer Thomas
  • Moretta Lorenzo
  • Moroni Mauro
  • Raedsch Richard
  • Norrby Erling
  • Veronesi Umberto
  • Zagury Daniel


Scientific presentation of participants will be accepted only as Posters and no later than August 5, 1997 and should be sent to Prof. Adolfo Turano, Istituto di Microbiologia, Spedali Civili-P.zza Spedali Civili, BRESCIA.


Italian and English with simultaneous translation.


Before July 20, 1997: £. 250.000 (US$ 175)

After July 20, 1997: £. 320.000 (US$ 250)

Daily Fee: £. 150.000 (US$ 100)


Those wishing to reserve a room in San Marino or in the closest area should contact:

PAYMAN srl—C:P: 20 Ufficio di Dogana 47031 Repubblica di San Marino Tel. 90.92.90—Fax 90.59.80—[email protected] Area Code: 0549 (from Italy)—+378 (from other countries)

Hotel reservations should be made by September 10, 1997.

As Official Airline of the International San Marino Conferences "Chronic Viral diseases associated with Immunodeficiency Cancer and Neurological disorders" Lufthansa is offering participants a special airfare.

For further information contact: EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT; Dr.ssa Daniela Rotondaro; Responsible for International Affairs; Ministry of Health and Social Security; Ospedale di Stato-Via Scialoja 1; 47031 Cailungo; Repubblica di San Marino; TEL. +378/994535 (+378 from aborad) (0549 from Italy); FAX +378/903706 (+378 from abroad) (0549 from Italy)

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