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Fiscus Susan A.; Heggem-Snow, Aline; Troiani, Luigi; Wallmark, Ewa; Folds, James D.; Sheff, Brian; van der Horst, Charles M.
Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes & Human Retrovirology: May 1995

SummaryPeriodic quantitative HIV-1 plasma cultures were performed on 28 seropositive individuals who had CD4 cells > 300/mm3 and who were enrolled in three clinical trials testing the efficacy of didanosine versus zidovudine monotherapy. Most plasma cultures were negative or of low titer (1–100 tissue culture infective dose/ml of plasma), but there were 14 instances of high-titered plasma viremia (>1,000 tissue culture infective dose/ml of plasma) seen in 11 individuals. These peaks in plasma culture titers were significantly associated either with rapidly decreasing CD4 cell numbers or with CD4 cells already <50/mm3. In addition, patients who experienced these episodes of high-titered plasma viremia were more apt to have clinical complaints of fever, rash, flulike illness, and/or opportunistic infection and also the syncytium-inducing HIV-1 phenotype and progression of disease.

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