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​​Information for Authors and Peer Reviewers


Journal of the Academy of PAs (JAAPA) has specific instructions and guidelines for submitting articles. These author instructions and guidelines are readily available on the submission service site. Please read and review them carefully. Articles that are not submitted in accordance with our instructions and guidelines are more likely to be rejected.

If you are a potential author and would like to hear more about writing for JAAPA, please feel free to listen to a session on 'Writing for JAAPA' presented at the AAPA Annual Conference by Tanya Gregory, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Physician Assistant Studies, Wake Forest School of Medicine and former JAAPA editor. 

Please note: JAAPA does not pay honorariums for articles published.

Manuscript submission

JAAPA accepts manuscript submissions through a submission service on another website. Clicking on the submission service links on this page will open our manuscript submission service website in a new browser window. Submit a manuscript now.

Become a peer reviewer for JAAPA

JAAPA seeks qualified PAs and other health professionals willing to review and critically evaluate manuscripts to evaluate their suitability for publication, relevance to readers, and consistency with evidence-based practice. We are seeking reviewers in primary care, surgery, internal medicine subspecialties, and research.

Peer reviewers are asked to review 3 or 4 manuscripts per year. Invitations to review a manuscript are sent via e-mail, and reviews are submitted via the manuscript management portal, Editorial Manager. The invitation to review e-mail provides an abstract, a direct link to access the manuscript, and additional instructions. Reviewers have the option of declining to review a manuscript if they feel the topic is unsuitable or circumstances at the time make completing the review impossible; however, reviewers who decline three manuscripts in a row are removed from the peer reviewer panel. If a reviewer does not acknowledge interest or decline a review (using the weblink provided within the invitation to review) within 7 days, the reviewer is automatically uninvited. Peer reviewers are not paid but are able to list their service on their CV.

Each peer review is evaluated for quality and thoroughness by an editor, then is score. High quality reviews earned qualified peer reviewers Category I continuing education credits. Our publisher is accredited to provide continuing education credits to PAs, nurses, and physicians. During the peer review, reviewers are asked several questions, including if they would like to receive continuing education credits. After a high quality review is completed, a certificate of continuing education is mailed to the address provided by the peer reviewer within Editorial Manager. 

If you would like to join our peer reviewer panel, or you have questions before deciding, please e-mail Jan Enger. Volunteer reviewers should list their areas of expertise, so we know which types of manuscripts to send, and should attach a current CV to the e-mail as well.

Detailed information on ethical guidelines for peer reviewing are provided here [PDF].

A guiding rubric to focus and enhance reviews is also provided here [DOC].