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Late Effects of Clubfoot Deformity in Adolescent and Young Adult Patients Whose Initial Treatment Was an Extensive Soft-tissue Release: Topic Review and Clinical Case Series

Johnson, Jeffrey E.; Fortney, Thomas A.; Luk, Pamela C.; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 4(5):e19.00126, May 2020.

Association Between COVID-19 and Mortality in Hip Fracture Surgery in the National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C): A Retrospective Cohort Study

Levitt, Eli B.; Patch, David A.; Mabry, Scott; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 6(1):e21.00282, January 2022.

Split Tibialis Anterior Tendon Transfer to The Peroneus Brevis or Tertius for the Treatment of Varus Foot Deformities in Children with Static Encephalopathy: A retrospective case series

Lullo, Brett; Nazareth, Alexander; Rethlefsen, Susan; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 4(5):e20.00044, May 2020.

Interposition Arthroplasty in Untreated Chronic Dislocation of the Elbow

Tafoya-Arreguín, Gustavo Armando; Castillo-González, José Rene; Pellegrini-Verduzco, Irydia-Guadalupe; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 6(5):e21.00034, May 2022.

Eight-year Review of a Clubfoot Treatment Program in Pakistan With Assessment of Outcomes Using the Ponseti Technique: A Retrospective Study of 988 Patients (1,458 Clubfeet) Aged 0 to 5 Years at Enrollment

Ahmed, Sadia; Moosa, Shazia; Muhammad, Ammar Ali; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 6(4):e22.00022, April 2022.

Risk Factors Associated With Infection in Open Fractures of the Upper and Lower Extremities

Tornetta, Paul III; Della Rocca, Gregory J.; Morshed, Saam; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 4(12):e20.00188, December 2020.

Comparison of Surgical Time, Short-term Adverse Events, and Implant Placement Accuracy Between Manual, Robotic-assisted, and Computer-navigated Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Network Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Kunze, Kyle N.; Bovonratwet, Patawut; Polce, Evan M.; More

JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews. 6(4):e21.00200, April 2022.