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Professional Editorial Services

This list is provided for authors who seek assistance in editing their manuscripts. The Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons does not endorse any writing/editing services. The companies listed here have offered their services or been recommended by others. The use of any editorial service is no guarantee of acceptance.

BioEdit Ltd: https://www.bioedit.com/services
BioMedES: https://www.biomedes.biz/
Bioscience Editing Solutions: http://www.bioscienceeditingsolutions.com/
Boldface Editors: http://www.boldfaceeditors.com
Cambridge Language Consultants: http://camlang.com/camlang/
Clean Copy Editorial Services: [email protected]
Edanz: https://www.edanzediting.com/
English Science Editing: http://www.english-science.com/
Falcon Scientific Editing: https://falconediting.com/
JournalEdit: https://www.journaledit.com/
Judy Majewski: [email protected]
KPH Editorial: https://www.kpheditorial.com/​
ManuscriptEdit: https://www.manuscriptedit.com/
ScienceDocs Inc.: https://www.sciencedocs.com/
Wolters Kluwer Author Services: http://wkauthorservices.editage.com/