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Author Disclosure

The AAOS Orthopaedic Disclosure Program serves as a central repository of all relevant commercial relationships for orthopaedic surgeons and healthcare professionals. All contributors to JAAOS Global Research & Reviews are required to provide information regarding potential conflicts of interest within 6 months of manuscript submission.

To search your disclosure status within the database:

  1. Navigate to the page for the AAOS public disclosure database:
  2. In the “Search by Name” box (pictured below), enter your last name. Entering the first name or the first letter of the first name is not necessary, but may help to narrow search results.
  3. Be sure the radio button for “Either” is selected, and then click “Search by Name”.
  4. Results will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each record will list the individual’s degrees and city, which can be used to confirm that the right record has been found (see below):
  5. If the record reads “No disclosure available”, you have not made a disclosure to the Academy yet. If a disclosure has been made, the date of last disclosure will be provided following the words: “Submitted on”. If the record reads “This individual reported nothing to disclose,” you as the author have made a disclosure and have reported having no financial conflicts. Your financial disclosure is only considered current if it was made within six months of submitting a manuscript.
  6. If you or one of your co-authors has not made a financial disclosure or the disclosure on file is older than 6 months prior to the submission date, you will need to make a new disclosure or re-disclose.

If you are an author having difficulty locating your name within the public search of the AAOS disclosure system, or need further assistance, please contact AAOS Customer service at [email protected].