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Published by: Corey Smith, MD
Created: 1/18/2019
Contains: 22 Episodes
JAAOS (aka the Yellow Journal) is a trusted source of cutting edge primary research and in-depth review articles from world experts in the field of orthopaedics. Every month, join us as we summarize research articles and review a featured article from the latest issue of the Yellow Journal. This podcast is intended for any and all learners of orthopaedics - from the first year medical student to the emeritus professor!

Published by: Jeff Gonzales: Moderator
Created: 7/7/2020
Contains: 9 Episodes

This podcast is being produced by Pacira for physicians and healthcare providers to provide a form of discussion, evaluation and reflection of the current times amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. This will hopefully allow everyone a chance to reflect and gear our mindsets to looking towards the new "normal", whenever that comes.

This podcast is produced by Pacira Biosciences.

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