The newly developed Insulin Simulator is an online interactive tool that lets healthcare professionals (HCPs) create and evaluate a variety of insulin regimens for a diverse set of hypothetical patients with varied characteristics. The Insulin Simulator is designed to help HCPs understand the impact of different insulin doses and types on blood glucose values.

Dr. Diana Isaacs will provide an in-person demonstration of the Insulin Simulator.

About Dr. Isaacs:


Endocrine Clinical Pharmacist and Remote Monitoring Program Coordinator at the Cleveland Clinic

  • Holds board certifications in pharmacotherapy, ambulatory care, and advanced diabetes management
  • Serves on the Professional Practice Committee of the American Diabetes Association, as well as the National Board for the Association of Diabetes Care& Education Specialists (ADCES)
  • Is an ADCES and American College of Clinical Pharmacy fellow
  • Advocates for access to the latest technologies and therapeutics for all people with diabetes and speaks on diabetes-related topics nationally and internationally​

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This video provides an overview of biosimilar and interchangeable scientific concepts and US regulatory approval process with a focus on insulin glargine products in the US.​

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Dr. John Anderson and Teresa Pearson will discuss strategies to help overcome some of the barriers that healthcare professionals (HCPs) and people with type 2 diabetes (T2D) encounter when initiating MTI, as well as provide tools to:

  • Identify the appropriate person with T2D for MTI>
  • Initiate MTI and use titration algorithms
  • Understand the follow-up required for people who are new to MTI ​​​


Teresa Pearson and Dr. Stephen Ponder will use a patient case study to discuss the benefits of using time in ranges (TIRs) to assess glycemic control: 

  • Review the metrics for assessing glycemic control, which include PPG and TIRs and their link to A1c
  • Highlight TIRs as CGM-derived metrics that provide actionable information for assessing glycemic control and focus the patient/provider conversation
  • Demonstrate the potential of TIRs as a useful tool to help patients and healthcare professionals guide diabetes management and treatment
  • Reference established guidelines and identify helpful resources and tips developed by diabetes care and education specialists


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