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Guralnick, Michael J. PhD

doi: 10.1097/01.IYC.0000314480.39335.fe
From the Editor

Editor, Infants & Young Children

This issue of Infants and Young Children (IYC) is characteristic of the extraordinary diversity and richness of our field. In one article, a creative way to enhance children's participation in natural environments through a combination of environmental accommodations and the application of assistive technologies is presented. In a similar vein, IYC presents information on new approaches to teach the social use of imitation for young children with autism, a major concern for these children. Clearly, abundant evidence exists for the continued growth of our field in topics central to early intervention.

Professional training is an area that requires ongoing attention. Conveying new and important information widely is discussed in this issue of IYC in relation to online course development. Implications for professional training and practice with respect to hearing screening for newborns are presented in another article in this issue. It is likely that professional training will be revolutionized over time through online instruction and other Web-based resources. This has been recognized by the International Society on Early Intervention and resulted in the establishment of a Professional Training Resource Library.

When considering the various risk factors for developmental delays and related problems, the role of fathers is often minimized. In this issue of IYC, the contribution of depressed fathers to their child's developmental problems is examined, particularly with respect to possible mechanisms through which paternal depression can exert its influence.

Two additional articles address systems issues in the field of early intervention. One article analyzes the health care utilization of children with special needs and highlights the significant financial impact on these families. A second article describes the changing patterns of early intervention in the United Kingdom. Emphasized are the major initiatives of government programs and related national strategies.

Michael J. Guralnick, PhD

Editor, Infants&Young Children

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