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IFSI-guideline on chronic prurigo including prurigo nodularis

Ständer, Sonja; Pereira, Manuel P.; Berger, Timothy; More

Itch. 5(4):e42, October-December 2020.

Effect of crisaborole topical ointment, 2%, on atopic dermatitis–associated pruritus: an extended analysis of 2 phase 3 clinical trials

Yosipovitch, Gil; Simpson, Eric L.; Tan, Huaming; More

Itch. 3(2):e12, June 2018.

Attentional interference, but no attentional bias, by tonic itch and pain stimulation

Becker, Jennifer M.; Vreijling, Sarah R.; Van Damme, Stefaan; More

Itch. 7(1):e63, April-June 2022.