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This issue of the journal, as always, has many outstanding articles, representing cutting edge research and technology in diagnostic imaging. Critical new developments in our field are presented, including that in both MR and ultrasound. The majority of the articles present fundamental advances, with clinical applicability. These include accelerated T2 mapping for the lumbar spine, improved detection of subpial lesions in multiple sclerosis, depiction of blood deoxygenation across cerebral AVMs for the first time, quiet FLAIR at 7 T, and two articles focusing on targeting microbubbles in ultrasound for early tumor detection (in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma) and imaging of tumor vasculature.
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Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Imaging of Tumor Vasculature With Positively Charged Microbubbles

Current Issue Highlights

Toward the Clinical Development and Validation of a Thy1-Targeted Ultrasound Contrast Agent for the Early Detection of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

Bam, Rakesh; Daryaei, Iman; Abou-Elkacem, Lotfi; More

Investigative Radiology. 55(11):711-721, November 2020.