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This issue of the journal, as always, has many outstanding articles, representing cutting edge research and technology in diagnostic imaging. Critical new developments and findings in our field are presented, including that in MR, CT, ultrasound, contrast media, and deep learning. Not to be missed is the editor’s pick article, which shows gadopiclenol to provide significantly higher enhancement of brain lesions compared with gadobentate dimeglumine, at the same dose. Additional featured articles focus on the following research topics - noninvasive detection of intracranial hypertension by ultrasound elastography, two articles focusing on MR contrast media (with one being a lesion detection study evaluating the next generation agent gadopiclenol), and two investigative studies highlighting the advantages of photon-counting over energy-integrating detector CT. These are further supplemented by two articles focusing on artificial intelligence in viable clinical scenarios, and an article looking at contrast material temperature, demonstrating that prewarming conferred no beneficial effect on image quality, safety, and comfort, and might therefore no longer be considered a prerequisite in state-of-the art injection protocols for abdominal parenchymal imaging.

Current Issue Highlights

Artificial Intelligence in Chest Radiography Reporting Accuracy: Added Clinical Value in the Emergency Unit Setting Without 24/7 Radiology Coverage

Rudolph, Jan; Huemmer, Christian; Ghesu, Florin-Cristian; More

Investigative Radiology. 57(2):90-98, February 2022.

First Performance Evaluation of an Artificial Intelligence-Based Computer-Aided Detection System for Pulmonary Nodule Evaluation in Dual-Source Photon-Counting Detector CT at Different Low-Dose Levels

Jungblut, Lisa; Blüthgen, Christian; Polacin, Malgorzata; More

Investigative Radiology. 57(2):108-114, February 2022.

High-Pitch Photon-Counting Detector Computed Tomography Angiography of the Aorta: Intraindividual Comparison to Energy-Integrating Detector Computed Tomography at Equal Radiation Dose

Euler, André; Higashigaito, Kai; Mergen, Victor; More

Investigative Radiology. 57(2):115-121, February 2022.