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Articles by Ulrike I. Attenberger, MD

Free-Breathing Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Imaging of the Upper Abdomen Using a Cartesian Compressed-Sensing Sequence With Hard-Gated and Motion-State-Resolved Reconstruction

Hausmann, Daniel; Niemann, Tilo; Kreul, Diana; More

Investigative Radiology. 54(11):728-736, November 2019.

A Single-Arm, Multicenter Validation Study of Prostate Cancer Localization and Aggressiveness With a Quantitative Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging Approach

Maas, Marnix C.; Litjens, Geert J.S.; Wright, Alan J.; More

Investigative Radiology. 54(7):437-447, July 2019.

Quantitative Perfusion Analysis of the Rectum Using Golden-Angle Radial Sparse Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Initial Experience and Comparison to Time-Resolved Angiography With Interleaved Stochastic Trajectories

Attenberger, Ulrike I.; Liu, Jing; Riffel, Philipp; More

Investigative Radiology. 52(12):715-724, December 2017.

Fifty Years of Technological Innovation: Potential and Limitations of Current Technologies in Abdominal Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography

Attenberger, Ulrike I.; Morelli, John; Budjan, Johannes; More

Investigative Radiology. 50(9):584-593, September 2015.

Detection of Myocardial Ischemia by Automated, Motion-Corrected, Color-Encoded Perfusion Maps Compared With Visual Analysis of Adenosine Stress Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance Imaging at 3 T: A Pilot Study

Doesch, Christina; Papavassiliu, Theano; Michaely, Henrik J.; More

Investigative Radiology. 48(9):678-686, September 2013.

CAIPIRINHA-Dixon-TWIST (CDT)–Volume-Interpolated Breath-Hold Examination (VIBE): A New Technique for Fast Time-Resolved Dynamic 3-Dimensional Imaging of the Abdomen With High Spatial Resolution

Michaely, Henrik J.; Morelli, John N.; Budjan, Johannes; More

Investigative Radiology. 48(8):590-597, August 2013.

Highly Accelerated T1-Weighted Abdominal Imaging Using 2-Dimensional Controlled Aliasing in Parallel Imaging Results in Higher Acceleration: A Comparison With Generalized Autocalibrating Partially Parallel Acquisitions Parallel Imaging

Riffel, Philipp; Attenberger, Ulrike I.; Kannengiesser, Stephan; More

Investigative Radiology. 48(7):554-561, July 2013.

Contrast-Enhanced 3-Dimensional SPACE Versus MP-RAGE for the Detection of Brain Metastases: Considerations With a 32-Channel Head Coil

Reichert, Miriam; Morelli, John N.; Runge, Val M.; More

Investigative Radiology. 48(1):55-60, January 2013.

Magnetic Resonance Evaluation of Renal Artery Stenosis in a Swine Model: Performance of Low-Dose Gadobutrol Versus Gadoterate Meglumine in Comparison With Digital Subtraction Intra-Arterial Catheter Angiography

Morelli, John N.; Runge, Val M.; Ai, Fei; More

Investigative Radiology. 47(6):376-382, June 2012.

Diffusion Weighted Imaging: A Comprehensive Evaluation of a Fast Spin Echo DWI Sequence With BLADE (PROPELLER) k-Space Sampling at 3 T, Using a 32-Channel Head Coil in Acute Brain Ischemia

Attenberger, Ulrike I.; Runge, Val M.; Stemmer, Alto; More

Investigative Radiology. 44(10):656-661, October 2009.

Comparative Evaluation of Lesion Enhancement Using 1 M Gadobutrol vs. 2 Conventional Gadolinium Chelates, All at a Dose of 0.1 mmol/kg, in a Rat Brain Tumor Model at 3 T

Attenberger, Ulrike I.; Runge, Val M.; Jackson, Carney B.; More

Investigative Radiology. 44(5):251-256, May 2009.

Feasibility of Gadofosveset-Enhanced Steady-State Magnetic Resonance Angiography of the Peripheral Vessels at 3 Tesla With Dixon Fat Saturation

Michaely, Henrik J.; Attenberger, Ulrike I.; Dietrich, Olaf; More

Investigative Radiology. 43(9):635-641, September 2008.