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Articles by Claus D. Claussen

Correlation of Simultaneously Acquired Diffusion-Weighted Imaging and 2-Deoxy-[18F] fluoro-2-D-glucose Positron Emission Tomography of Pulmonary Lesions in a Dedicated Whole-Body Magnetic Resonance/Positron Emission Tomography System

Schmidt, Holger; Brendle, Cornelia; Schraml, Christina; More

Investigative Radiology. 48(5):247-255, May 2013.

Automated Computed Tomography Dose-Saving Algorithm to Protect Radiosensitive Tissues: Estimation of Radiation Exposure and Image Quality Considerations

Ketelsen, Dominik; Buchgeister, Markus; Fenchel, Michael; More

Investigative Radiology. 47(2):148-152, February 2012.

Effects of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents on Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells and Evaluation of Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Media-Triggered Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Induction in Dermal Fibroblasts (HSF) as a Model for Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis

Wiesinger, Benjamin; Kehlbach, Rainer; Hemsen, Jennifer; More

Investigative Radiology. 46(1):71-76, January 2011.

Quantitative Analysis of Adipose Tissue in Single Transverse Slices for Estimation of Volumes of Relevant Fat Tissue Compartments: A Study in a Large Cohort of Subjects at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes by MRI With Comparison to Anthropometric Data

Schwenzer, Nina F.; Machann, Jürgen; Schraml, Christina; More

Investigative Radiology. 45(12):788-794, December 2010.

Quantitative Assessment of Intrahepatic Lipids Using Fat-Selective Imaging With Spectral-Spatial Excitation and In-/Opposed-Phase Gradient Echo Imaging Techniques Within a Study Population of Extremely Obese Patients: Feasibility on a Short, Wide-Bore MR Scanner

Springer, Fabian; Machann, Jürgen; Schwenzer, Nina F.; More

Investigative Radiology. 45(8):484-490, August 2010.

Differentiation of Urinary Calculi With Dual Energy CT: Effect of Spectral Shaping by High Energy Tin Filtration

Thomas, Christoph; Krauss, Bernhard; Ketelsen, Dominik; More

Investigative Radiology. 45(7):393-398, July 2010.

Increased Ablation Zones Using a Cryo-Based Internally Cooled Bipolar RF Applicator in Ex Vivo Bovine Liver

Rempp, Hansjörg; Voigtländer, Matthias; Clasen, Stephan; More

Investigative Radiology. 44(12):763-768, December 2009.

T2* Relaxometry in Liver, Pancreas, and Spleen in a Healthy Cohort of One Hundred Twenty-Nine Subjects–Correlation With Age, Gender, and Serum Ferritin

Schwenzer, Nina F.; Machann, Jürgen; Haap, Michael M.; More

Investigative Radiology. 43(12):854-860, December 2008.

Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography and Whole-Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Staging of Advanced Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer—Initial Results

Plathow, Christian; Aschoff, Philip; Lichy, Mathias Philip; More

Investigative Radiology. 43(5):290-297, May 2008.

Preoperative Evaluation of Potential Living Related Kidney Donors with High-Spatial-Resolution Magnetic Resonance (MR) Angiography at 3 Tesla: Comparison with Intraoperative Findings

Kramer, Ulrich; Thiel, Christian; Seeger, Achim; More

Investigative Radiology. 42(11):747-755, November 2007.

Tumor Detection by Diffusion-Weighted MRI and ADC-Mapping—Initial Clinical Experiences in Comparison to PET-CT

Lichy, Matthias P.; Aschoff, Philip; Plathow, Christian; More

Investigative Radiology. 42(9):605-613, September 2007.

Influence of a Lipid-Lowering Therapy on Calcified and Noncalcified Coronary Plaques Monitored by Multislice Detector Computed Tomography: Results of the New Age II Pilot Study

Burgstahler, Christof; Reimann, Anja; Beck, Torsten; More

Investigative Radiology. 42(3):189-195, March 2007.

Dual-Source Computed Tomography: Advances of Improved Temporal Resolution in Coronary Plaque Imaging

Reimann, Anja J.; Rinck, Daniel; Birinci-Aydogan, Ayser; More

Investigative Radiology. 42(3):196-203, March 2007.

Monitoring of Lung Motion in Patients With Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Using Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Comparison With Spirometry

Plathow, Christian; Klopp, Michael; Schoebinger, Max; More

Investigative Radiology. 41(5):443-448, May 2006.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Body Trunk Using a Single-Slab, 3-Dimensional, T2-weighted Turbo-Spin-Echo Sequence With High Sampling Efficiency (SPACE) for High Spatial Resolution Imaging: Initial Clinical Experiences

Lichy, Matthias Philipp; Wietek, Beate M.; Mugler, John P. III; More

Investigative Radiology. 40(12):754-760, December 2005.

Focal Gene Induction in the Liver of Rats by a Heat-Inducible Promoter Using Focused Ultrasound Hyperthermia: Preliminary Results

Plathow, Christian; Lohr, Frank; Divkovic, Gabriela; More

Investigative Radiology. 40(11):729-735, November 2005.

Fast Whole-Body Assessment of Metastatic Disease Using a Novel Magnetic Resonance Imaging System: Initial Experiences

Schlemmer, Heinz-Peter; Schäfer, Jürgen; Pfannenberg, Christina; More

Investigative Radiology. 40(2):64-71, February 2005.

Local Intra-Arterial Drug Delivery for Prevention of Restenosis: Comparison of the Efficiency of Delivery of Different Radiopharmaceuticals Through a Porous Catheter


Investigative Radiology. 36(5):245-249, May 2001.