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This issue of the journal, as always, has many outstanding articles, representing cutting edge research and technology in diagnostic imaging. Critical new developments and findings in our field are presented, including that in MR, CT, contrast media, mobile radiography, deep learning, and radiomics. Not to be missed is the editor’s pick article, which once again demonstrates Gd deposition in the brain with gadodiamide, but not with macrocyclic gadolinium based contrast media, and importantly adding information regarding the change in T1 and T2 with age - which can be a confounding factor in investigative studies (with an increase in iron and manganese verified by laser ablation-ICP-MS). Of particular note, in the rapidly emerging important field of photon counting CT, are two outstanding articles, one evaluating virtual non-contrast imaging of the liver and the other fat quantification.

Current Issue Highlights

Fat Quantification in Dual-Layer Detector Spectral Computed Tomography: Experimental Development and First In-Patient Validation

Molwitz, Isabel; Campbell, Graeme Michael; Yamamura, Jin; More

Investigative Radiology. 57(7):463-469, July 2022.

Dynamic Liver Magnetic Resonance Imaging During Free Breathing: A Feasibility Study With a Motion Compensated Variable Density Radial Acquisition and a Viewsharing High-Pass Filtering Reconstruction

Endler, Christoph H.-J.; Kukuk, Guido M.; Peeters, Johannes M.; More

Investigative Radiology. 57(7):470-477, July 2022.

Whole-Body Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Large Population-Based German National Cohort Study: Predictive Capability of Automated Image Quality Assessment for Protocol Repetitions

Schuppert, Christopher; Krüchten, Ricarda von; Hirsch, Jochen G.; More

Investigative Radiology. 57(7):478-487, July 2022.