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The International Society of Gynecological Pathologists is a world-wide community of pathologists and other physicians with a common interest in the pathology of the female reproductive system. The Society was founded in 1976 to facilitate exchange of knowledge about gynecological disease and to be a forum for dissemination of new information in this area. Membership is open to any physician formally trained in pathology and either recognized, or certified as a pathologist in accordance with each country’s regulations or customs for specialists, and who has contributed to the field of gynecological pathology. Associate membership is available for individuals who do not meet these criteria, but have demonstrated special interest in the field as evidenced by significant contributions. Junior membership is available to pathologists in training with a special interest in gynecologic pathology. 

The educational mission of the Society includes frequent symposia and slide seminars at international and regional pathology meetings including the International Academy of Pathology Biannual International Congress and the annual meeting of the United States-Canadian Division of the International Academy of Pathology. Funds are available for local societies to sponsor meetings under the Society sponsorship subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the Society. The Society also co-sponsors a fellowship award named in honor of a past president, the late Dr. Hernando Salazar. This is available on a yearly basis to provide funds for pathologists in developing countries to spend time with an expert learning about gynecologic disease, provided matching support is available by a sponsoring institution. In 1981 the Society founded its own journal, the International Journal of Gynecological Pathology, which is edited by Dr. Lora Hedrick Ellenson. The Journal is a forum for papers submitted by members of the Society and others. The Society, at the invitation of the World Health Organization, was responsible for the recent World Health Organization classification of tumors of the female genital tract, including the ovary. Although still only 30+ years old, the Society is thriving and fulfilling the mission of its founders.