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September 2023 - Volume 109 - Issue 9
pp: 2561-2885

Early plasma proteomic biomarkers and prediction model of acute respiratory distress syndrome after cardiopulmonary bypass: a prospective nested cohort study

Wang, Yu; Chen, Lin; Yao, Chengye; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2561-2573, September 2023.

Trends in the mortality, incidence and disability-adjusted life-years of appendicitis in EU15+ countries: an observational study of the Global Burden of Disease Database, 1990–2019

Proctor, Dominic W.; Goodall, Richard; Borsky, Kim; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2608-2613, September 2023.

The experience of neoadjuvant chemotherapy versus upfront surgery in resectable pancreatic cancer: a cross sectional study

Su, Yung-Yeh; Chao, Ying-Jui; Wang, Chih-Jung; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2614-2623, September 2023.

The surgical patient of yesterday, today, and tomorrow—a time-trend analysis based on a cohort of 8.7 million surgical patients

Knoedler, Samuel; Matar, Dany Y.; Friedrich, Sarah; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2631-2640, September 2023.

A multicenter, single-arm, open study of neoadjuvant or conversion atezolizumab in combination with chemotherapy in resectable small cell lung cancer (Cohort Study)

Duan, Hongtao; Shi, Liang; Shao, Changjian; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2641-2649, September 2023.

Prognostic role of minute ventilation/carbon dioxide production slope for perioperative morbidity and long-term survival in resectable patients with nonsmall-cell lung cancer: a prospective study using propensity score overlap weighting

Dun, Yaoshan; Wu, Shaoping; Cui, Ni; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2650-2659, September 2023.

Association of preoperative nutritional status evaluated by the controlling nutritional status score with walking independence at 180 days postoperatively: a prospective cohort study in Chinese older patients with hip fracture

Cheng, Xinqun; Chen, Wei; Yan, Jincheng; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2660-2671, September 2023.

Sternomastoid intermuscular approach has better postoperative cosmesis and less neck discomfort than linea alba cervicalis approach in hemithyroidectomy: a randomized clinical trial

Chen, Linghui; He, Qiwen; Tian, Hedi; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2672-2679, September 2023.

Effect of early achievement of energy target by different nutritional support strategies on nosocomial infections in patients undergoing major abdominal surgery: a secondary analysis of two randomized clinical trials

Gao, Xuejin; Zhang, Li; Zhang, Yupeng; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2680-2688, September 2023.

Quantification of vessel separation using the carotid-jugular angle to predict the nerve origin of neck peripheral nerve sheath tumours: a pooled analysis of cases from the literature and a single-center cohort

Wong, Chia-En; Huang, Chi-Chen; Chuang, Ming-Tsung; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2704-2713, September 2023.

Epidemiological updates of post-traumatic related limb osteomyelitis in china: a 10 years multicentre cohort study

Ren, YouLiang; Liu, Lei; Sun, Dong; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2721-2731, September 2023.

Automated diagnosis and management of follicular thyroid nodules based on the devised small-dataset interpretable foreground optimization network deep learning: a multicenter diagnostic study

Yang, Zheyu; Yao, Siqiong; Heng, Yu; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2732-2741, September 2023.

Long-term survival after female pelvic organ-sparing radical cystectomy versus standard radical cystectomy: a multi-institutional propensity score-matched analysis

Zhong, Wenlong; Xia, Kun; Liu, Libo; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2742-2750, September 2023.

Textbook outcomes in liver surgery for gallbladder cancer patients treated with curative-intent resection: a multicenter observational study

Liu, Zhi-Peng; Guo, Wei; Yin, Da-Long; More

International Journal of Surgery. 109(9):2751-2761, September 2023.