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Reliability and psychometric validity of the Marathi adaptation of coronavirus anxiety scale

Deshmukh, Shrishti; Ali, Tahoora1; Chaudhury, Suprakash1; Diwan, Chetan; Kumar, Santosh2,; Prakash, Jyoti3

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Industrial Psychiatry Journal ():, September 14, 2022. | DOI: 10.4103/ipj.ipj_45_22
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The coronavirus anxiety scale (CAS) was developed and validated in 2020 as a psychometrically suitable measure of anxiety incurred by the coronavirus disease of 2019 pandemic. Since it is available only in the English language, it cannot be used in the general population, most of whom are not English speaking.


The aim of this study is to determine the validity and the reliability of the Marathi adaptation of CAS.

Materials and Method 

CAS was translated by bilingual experts, followed by forward and backward translation processes and pilot study. Final version was used. Eighty volunteers, who are versed in both English and Marathi languages, were included. The original English version of the scale was first applied, followed by the Marathi translation, after a hiatus of 14 days.


Mean score of the original English version was 2.950 (±2.773) and that of the Marathi version was 2.775 (±2.778), showing significant correlation (.001 level) with Kendall’s tau-b of 0.830. The Marathi version of CAS has a high degree of internal consistency as demonstrated by a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.809. The scale has significant concurrent validity and acceptable split-half reliability. A principal components analysis with varimax rotation was performed on the CAS responses of the participants, which yielded one factors with an eigenvalue greater than one, representing 58.51% of the total variance. CAS was found to be easily understandable and capable of adequately evaluating and measuring various aspects of corona anxiety.


The Marathi adaptation of CAS is a valid and reliable instrument to assess anxiety due to coronavirus in the Marathi-speaking population of India.

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