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What is Innovation?

Damiano, Ralph J. Jr. MD

Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery: March-April 2011 - Volume 6 - Issue 2 - p 65
doi: 10.1097/IMI.0b013e3182162bcf

From the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St Louis, MO USA.

Accepted for publication February 17, 2011.

Address correspondence and reprint requests to Ralph J. Damiano, Jr., MD, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Department of Surgery, Washington University School of Medicine, 660 South Euclid, Campus Box 8234, St Louis, MO 63110 USA. E-mail:

The mission of our Journal is to disseminate knowledge regarding recent innovations in cardiac, thoracic, and vascular surgery to surgeons around the globe. Our name reflects this commitment. I have been asked by authors from time-to-time whether their work is sufficiently innovative to warrant publication in our Journal. Some have inquired whether their manuscripts need to discuss a new technology or technique to be suitable for Innovations. To answer this question, it is helpful first to remember the definition of innovation from Merriam-Webster's dictionary. Innovation is defined as “the introduction of something new.” This something is further defined as “a new idea, method, or device.” This definition perfectly describes an appropriate article for our journal. Innovations is much more than just new techniques and technology, despite the claim on our masthead. At Innovations, we are looking for original contributions that seek to answer new questions or provide perspective to help understand recent advances. A new idea or even a new question can be just as valuable in this regard as a new device. The quest for any new knowledge is by definition “innovative” and will be of interest to our readers and the members of the International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery.

The journal is not meant to be confined only to minimally invasive cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. We have a broader mission to publish new ideas and new methods that will lead to improved treatment of cardiothoracic and vascular disease. If any therapy is improved, it eventually translates into better outcomes and fewer complications, in other words, a less invasive recovery for our patients. At Innovations, we hope to publish a wide spectrum of articles from all corners of the globe. The common thread should be that the work seeks to further our understanding of cardiothoracic and vascular pathology and improve our surgical therapies.

As a reader, we urge you to consider our journal as a forum for your work. We promise a rapid and fair review and a short time to publication. Our primary goal for Innovations is for it to become the premier journal in our field for cutting edge, innovative basic, and clinical research. We use the broadest definition of innovation to encompass all new observations, ideas, methods, and devices. We hope you think about us when it comes the time to submit a manuscript. Together we can build a great journal.

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