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SANYAL, DEBASISH; Ray, Rajashree; Choudhury, Sonali; Chakraborty, Suddhendu

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Cinema is a powerful medium with a strong and emotional narrative which can allow people to be informed about any issue. Besides being a popular mode of entertainment, movies are the visions of a particular culture, place, community and psyche. Emotional and behavioural issues and the contemporary social issues have been powerfully depicted through cinema. Cinema is pre-eminently the medium that engages people in a virtual dialogue with their own and their culture's unconscious, more deeply than is commonly taken for granted. The movie theatre shares symbolic features with both the church and the therapy room: all are sacred spaces where people can encounter the archetypal and ease personal suffering, in the case of the cinema whether through laughter or tears, without inhibition or fear.

Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen Ritwik Ghatak created art house films, many of which revolve around the complexities of relationships, gendered desires, the intricacies of emotion and the often silent struggles that are inherent in everyday lived reality.

1) DEBASISH SANYAL---Brief overview of the issues involved e and give a broad perspective of the interface of films and psychological issues.

2) Rajashree Ray-Perspective of a Psychiatrist

3) Sonali Choudhury-Psychological and Psychoanalytic issues

4) Suddhendu Chakraborty,-perspective of literature and socicultural context

We all undertake to personally present our topic at the conference, if our symposia is selected

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