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Memoirs of an alcoholic

George, Sanju

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Indian Journal of Psychiatry: Jan–Mar 2010 - Volume 52 - Issue 1 - p 89
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Don't ask me how it started

It was cool when it started

Cool it isn't anymore

Don't ask me where it all went wrong

Don't ask me if I'm responsible

I want to but I can't stop.

It makes me happy, not forever

It helps me forget, not forever

I still crave for that little solace

It hurts to say but I'm in love

Love a drink, love beyond reason

Drink until death cometh knocking.

I hate the morning-after headaches

I hate the nagging wife, I hate the guilt

But I have a drink and it's all worth it

I've tried hard but I failed

I've tried pills and implants

But see the boozer and I falter

Times I wish it would all end

I'm not guilty for I'm not in control

Am I a lesser man for that?

In pain and misery I drown

For answers I long, In vain I seek

May be it was my dad, may be it was my teacher,

Or is it because I'm sad and lonely?

Would anyone care if I was gone?

Would anyone hurt?

Lay me to rest

A bottle of gin by my side

For friendships are forever

Through times rough and smooth

She was by my side

This is based on the life story of one of my ex-patients. He died of alcohol poisoning two days after his last medical appointment.

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