December 2015 - Volume 24 - Issue 6 : Implant Dentistry

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December 2015 - Volume 24 - Issue 6
pp: 639-749,e109-e126

Stage Characterization and Marginal Bone Loss Evaluation Up to 96 Months of Crestal Sinus Augmentation With Sequential Drills: A Retrospective Study

Bernardello, Fabio; Felice, Pietro; Spinato, Sergio; More

Implant Dentistry. 24(6):642-649, December 2015.

Histomorphometric Evaluation of Ridge Preservation With and Without Connective Tissue Graft Over Buccal Plate Using Different Types of Bone Substitute: An Animal Study

Mendoza-Azpur, Gerardo; Olaechea, Allinson; Pinazo, Marialuisa; More

Implant Dentistry. 24(6):686-692, December 2015.

Bone Behavior in Relation to the Depth of the Line of Marginal Cementation of Prostheses on Morse Cone Implants: Radiographic Evaluation in a Dog Model

Stancari, Fernanda H.; Rehder de Araujo, Maria A.; Rodrigues Conti, Paulo C.; More

Implant Dentistry. 24(6):720-725, December 2015.