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Fall 2000 - Volume 9 - Issue 3
pp: 189-288

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Stress Distribution in the Single-Unit Osseointegrated Dental Implant: PDF Only

Evaluation of Guided Bone Regeneration in Rabbit Femur Using Collagen Membranes: PDF Only

Evaluation of the Effects of Different Biomaterials on Bone Defects: PDF Only

Reuse of Healing Abutments: PDF Only

Conventional Versus Laser-Assisted Therapy of Periimplantitis: PDF Only

Preliminary Evaluation of a New Dental Implant Design in Canine Models: PDF Only

Morphological Study of Osteoplate 2000-Extension Implants After Bending: PDF Only

Literature Review: PDF Only

Manual Review: PDF Only

Reconstruction of Severely Resorbed Atrophic Maxillae and Management With Transitional Implants: PDF Only

Implant-Related Damage to an Adjacent Tooth: PDF Only

Treatment Options for Augmentation of the Posterior Maxilla: PDF Only

Letter to the Editor: PDF Only