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Implant Therapy

Clinical Approaches and Evidence of Success (Second Edition)

Romanos, Georgios E. DDS, PhD

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Implant Dentistry 28(6):p 522, December 2019. | DOI: 10.1097/ID.0000000000000940
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This text is a contemporary effort to recognize the passing of 20 years since the first edition in 1998. The era of osseointegrated implants has rapidly matured scientifically and clinically to challenge a significant percentage of dental treatment plans deciding whether to retain a periodontally compromised dentition or replace with implants. The goal is to satisfy the patient's expectations concerned with a comfortable dentition relative to esthetics and masticatory success. However, the patient's usual final question is “how long will the result perform and what are the chances of complications?” The first thrust is focused on sharing long-term observations for both teeth and implants.

This text provides enhancement of implant therapy from digital imaging, providing accuracy in treatment planning, the use of short implants, zygoma implants, immediate implants, and the advantages of immediate loading of the implant-supported dentition. It includes the remarkable opportunities of vertical and lateral bone augmentations for atrophic maxilla and mandible with a plethora of biomaterials. This includes the use of growth factors with tissue engineering available for periodontal and implant applications of both soft and hard tissues. It offers esthetic possibilities learned from a single-tooth replacement to the interaction of tooth replacement and orthognathic surgery.

The book highlights a variety of approaches of treatment concepts from a select group of well-known clinicians and academicians with an endless number of high-quality illustrations in an excellent format. The graphic design is useful for the reader who desires depth in the individual chapters. The reference list is more than sufficient to select the most important papers related to established success. The periimplant complications and their management options are available. The book receives a strong recommendation for practitioners, academicians, and residents of specialty programs. It should be on the shelf of every clinic performing implant dentistry.

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