2019 Concluding Editorial : Implant Dentistry

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2019 Concluding Editorial

Judy, Kenneth W. M. DDS, FAGD, FACD, MICD

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Implant Dentistry 28(6):p 521, December 2019. | DOI: 10.1097/ID.0000000000000946
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Implant dentistry (ID) has been an official journal of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), which was founded in Paris in 1972. Our first journal (1976) had abstracts in 7 languages. The 1st volume of ID was published in 1992 and succeeded other journals previously sponsored by the ICOI. The 28th and last volume of ID concludes with this issue. Consequently, I feel that as ID's last Editor-in-Chief I should state some of ICOI's consistent policies and positions.

Because ICOI has been a nonprofit corporation since 1975 focused on dental implant education, it must always eschew any form of discrimination. This has been an unwavering guiding principle for ID. Because ID is distributed to ICOI members and subscribers in more than 100 countries and to multiple academic institutions, this position of being nonbiased is extremely important to me, its current Editor, and to all Editors who have preceded me. ID and the ICOI have always welcomed to our membership and meetings all practicing dentists, dental students, educators, researchers, auxiliaries, laboratory technicians, and manufacturers and even patients and members of the general public.

ICOI's most recent World Congress was held this past August in New York City. Its stated mission was to further implant education and research and to recognize the achievements of our members as they progressed from member to Fellow to Master and to Diplomate, all in the spirit of rigorous evaluation, sharing, and international camaraderie. ICOI's new President is Dr. Senichi Suzuki from Japan, and he will be succeeded in 2 years by Dr. Thomas Giblin from Australia. This is a clear reflection of ICOI's consistent, long-term desire for international educational reach and representation. ID has mirrored this internationalism by publishing manuscripts submitted from countries all over the world and by having multiple international review board members giving their insightful critiques and suggestions to ID's Editors.

I began implant research more than 52 years ago. Dental and research journals have been a constant source of personal information and inspiration for all of those years. ID and other journals have also given me a respected editorial voice. I believe that my colleagues have learned much from the ICOI, its multiple educational programs, and its journals. ICOI is fostering relationships with colleagues in multiple countries, many of which require substantial academic degree programs and/or extensive continuing education for ongoing licensure for generalists and specialists.

In closing, I would like to thank those who have proceeded me as editor, particularly Dr. Morton L. Perel who oversaw the journal for 21 years and categorized articles into classes: Basic and Clinical Research, Meta-Analysis and Systematic Reviews, and Clinical Science and Techniques. He set a high standard that resulted in an always increasing impact factor. Also, I give great credit to our talented Associate and Assistant Editors and our diligent current and previous review board members. Kudos are also clearly due to our publisher Wolters Kluwer and its highly professional staff.

As we make our next publishing transition, I know that the future of ICOI's published research, clinical techniques, and analyses will continue to educate and inspire readers.

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