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Reflection and Transition

Judy, Kenneth W. M.

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doi: 10.1097/ID.0000000000000899
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Since 1976, the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI's) journals have been edited by department chairpersons, prosthodontists, periodontists, researchers, assistant deans, and general dentists. No one has had a greater impact than Dr. Morton L. Perel, who has served from 1998 Vol. 7, until today, 2019 Vol. 28, No. 3, with just more than 110 issues, and well more than 1000 articles and editorials in 21 years.

Under his guidance, Implant Dentistry (ID) has gone from a quarterly to a bimonthly journal. Articles have been categorized into classes: Basic and Clinical Research, Meta-Analyses and Systematic Reviews, and Clinical Science and Techniques. ID's editorials and book reviews have been insightful and current.

Dr. Perel developed a significant masthead of associate, assistant, and managing editors. His senior reviewers and members of ID's Editorial Review Board are world-recognized experts in a wide range of the fields that impact implant research as well as ID practice and implant products and their development.

And, now that Dr. Perel has stepped down as editor-in-chief and we come to publishing the last 3 issues of Vol. 28 in 2019, I will serve, as I began in 1972, as editor. Since 1998, as managing editor, I had a general understanding of Dr. Perel's “well-oiled machine,” but as I try to fill his shoes, I now have a better appreciation of the unique system that Dr. Perel and his superb editorial assistant, Luanne Webber, have developed over the years.

Their work assured that all articles were correctly prepared and expertly reviewed. Although ID's rejection rate was high, it reflects Dr. Perel's need for quality and truth. Every submitting author(s) was appraised of their reviewers' concerns. Necessary text and photographic changes were made, and references were also checked. No photographic enhancement was allowed. Reader's comments and answers were always published.

Under Dr. Perel's guidance, the important analytical publishing research metric of an impact factor was attained. Although Dr. Perel lived in the United States, his journal spanned the globe in many senses. So, did his relationships with many of ICOI's authors and members.

Dr. Perel continued our history of abstract translations in other languages, today including Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and Turkish. Electronic availability of ID was an early innovation. As ID's cover shows, we have been a “COPE” member, ie, Committee on Publication Ethics since 2010. The PAP site or “publish ahead of print” allows our readers to see what new articles are coming. On the cover of ID, a QR code, when scanned by a mobile device, connects the reader directly to ICOI's website.

With my personal and professional regards and admiration to “the Editor”, Morton L. Perel, DDS, MScD.


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