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Periimplant Disease

An ICOI/FDI Project

Judy, Kenneth W. M. DDS, FACD, MICD

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Implant Dentistry 28(2):p 99, April 2019. | DOI: 10.1097/ID.0000000000000880
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In 2016, at the 56th Excida of the Iranian Dental Association, the co-chairpersons of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Dr. Kenneth Judy from the United States and Dr. Ady Palti from Germany, met with FDI World Dental Federation officials. A long conversation ensued wherein a multiyear proposal of close cooperation between the ICOI and the FDI to work together on a much-needed educational project on periimplant disease was described. Several executive meetings followed. Specific organizational commitments and firm date-related obligations were made.

Contributors to this educational project, many of whom were from Europe, were committed to better inform dentists worldwide about the current controversies regarding the differential diagnoses and treatment modalities relating to periimplant disease. At first, this seemed to be a communication problem but was readily solved since Dr. Palti was fluent in German, French, English, etc. The principals met again in December 2016 at the Greater New York Dental meeting.

Basically, a large number of completely edited, original scientific articles were promised for publication in Implant Dentistry, ICOI's journal. The project was undertaken by a collaboration of periodontal specialists, surgical specialists, and others because of the efforts of Dr. Fouad Khoury, as well as Dr. Palti. Treatment recommendations and therapy were to be performed by generalists and specialists.

The FDI proposed a budget of $250,000 to complete the joint project. In consideration for this support, the ICOI was to have the first right to publish original and fully edited relevant scientific materials (14 articles). Many delays ensued, and our editor, Dr. Morton L. Perel, had to push off committed publication dates several times. The FDI then held a World Dental Federation annual meeting in Buenos Aries, Argentina, regarding periimplant disease. The ICOI contribution was not mentioned in relevant publications. None of the promised articles for our journal were yet to be received.

At the Greater New York Dental Meeting in December 2017, I met again with a number of FDI officials. The new FDI president, Dr. Kathy Kell, was also in attendance. Speaking only English, all President Kell and I took away from that meeting were more promises regarding prompt delivery of manuscripts.

To accelerate dissemination of information, the ICOI then decided to host and dedicate its World Congress XXXVI to periimplantitis in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 27 to 29, 2018. Dr. Palti was selected as the Scientific Program Chair. Twelve of the 16 Main Podium presentations were concerned with periimplantitis. Some of the noted, world-renowned speakers were Dr. Stefan Renvert, Dr. Fouad Khoury, Dr. Jaafar Mouhyi, Dr. Ady Palti, Dr. Joseph Chokroun, and Dr. Craig Misch. The comments I personally heard throughout the meeting and read in evaluations afterward were extremely positive and praised the ICOI/FDI efforts to inform the world dental community, specifically recent graduates, about varying diagnoses, nonsurgical treatment, surgical treatment, and preventive treatment of periimplantitis.

Ultimately, fourteen manuscripts were delivered to our Editor. He has dedicated this issue to the subject of periimplantitis, and it will be converted into a “white paper” for extensive distribution to students and practitioners. Obviously the birth of Volume 8, Number 2 of Implant Dentistry was difficult to produce, but well worthwhile. Differential diagnosis and treatment options regarding mucositis and periodontitis should become the purview of general dentists and specialists worldwide.

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