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Book Review

Hauschild, Uli CDT

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doi: 10.1097/ID.0000000000000296
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EVOLUTION, Contemporary Protocols for Anterior Single-Tooth Implants, is a comprehensive reference book in English. It beautifully sets into scene the broad experience of its 2 authors by the use of high-quality photography, microscopic images, computer simulations, and explanatory drawings. The work, as such, is well presented and design-wise more appealing than traditional medical works. He/she who holds a copy in his/her hands understands that the authors Dr Inaki Gamborena and Dr Markus B. Blatz value the presentation of their work.

As the title suggests, the book concentrates on single-tooth reconstruction in the anterior region while applying the latest methods, including minimal invasive surgery, in combination with CAD/CAM technologies. Importance is given to functional and long-lasting esthetics. The text intends to give an overview of several techniques and concepts regarding hard and soft tissue integration. The reader should bring basic knowledge about dental implant setting and be prepared to get his mind around unconventional and creative solutions to complicated cases. It could be read as a whole but can also be used as a reference for treatment decisions.

The presented suggestions are broadly applicable for many different implant brands, although the book itself only quotes examples by using one brand. Handling and technical details about materials are well explained.

Each reference and related research is given directly in the chapter. This guarantees an easy follow-up of each argument. In 6 main chapters, the reader is taken through the following contents:

  • Contemporary Approach to Dental Implantology
    • 1. Esthetic and Soft Tissue Considerations
    • 2. Biologic Impact of Implant, Abutment, and Prosthetic Design
  • Natural Oral Periimplant Esthetics
    • 3. Ideal 3D Implant placement
    • 4. Creating a Natural Soft Tissue Contour
    • 5. Laboratory Communication for Definitive Restoration
    • 6. Definitive Restoration.

The following discussions caught my special interest:

The authors looked deeply into the subject of soft tissue integration, which became a crucial part of their implant planning process. They view the soft tissue as “the natural frame of teeth” and call it “essential for the esthetic success.” Impressive macrophotography shows how materials impact the body. The white/red esthetics is given maximum value.

The topic of ideal 3D placement is treated for different implants in shape and form to later ideally fit the prosthetics.

The authors describe implant dentistry as “a prosthetic discipline that includes a surgical component.”

Interesting also is the comparison of immediate and delayed placement referring to 6-year follow-ups, as well as the consideration of one-time abutment concepts.

One chapter is dedicated to 3D implant placement and guided surgery. It mainly concentrates on angulation depth and proper orientation. The shapes of either divergent or concave abutments are discussed. Their emergence profiles and tissue support play an important role.

Surgery-wise topics such as bone grafting, the addition of growth factors, wedge technique, and applying titanium mesh are debated. Biomaterials are also taken into consideration.

Some cases show the example of orthodontics before implanting to create the best possible base for later soft tissue esthetics.

The last 2 chapters emphasize the importance of communication with the laboratory. The use of different impressions and digital scans is explained. Issues are discussed as different methods of color taking and materials such as zirconia and alumina. Light impacts such as fluorescence are broadly elaborated. At the very end, a short section is dedicated to dental technical work. The beautiful photographs show dental technical achievements.


The authors have chosen very relevant topics and implant scenarios for their work EVOLUTION, Contemporary Protocols for Anterior Single-Tooth Implants. The content is presented logically, and its documentation is rich in photography. Although all given examples are the same implant brand, the shown procedures can be applied to many brands on the market. EVOLUTION certainly is a valid reference book for anterior single-tooth implantology.

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