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November-December 2010 - Volume 33 - Issue 9
pp: 925-1015

Lovastatin Inhibits T-cell Proliferation While Preserving the Cytolytic Function of EBV, CMV, and MART-1-specific CTLs

Li, Dan; Li, Yufeng; Hernandez, Jessica A.; More

Journal of Immunotherapy. 33(9):975-982, November-December 2010.

Adoptive Transfer of EBV-specific T Cells Results in Sustained Clinical Responses in Patients With Locoregional Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Louis, Chrystal U.; Straathof, Karin; Bollard, Catherine M.; More

Journal of Immunotherapy. 33(9):983-990, November-December 2010.

A Decrease of Regulatory T Cells Correlates With Overall Survival After Sunitinib-based Antiangiogenic Therapy in Metastatic Renal Cancer Patients

Adotevi, Olivier; Pere, Helene; Ravel, Patrice; More

Journal of Immunotherapy. 33(9):991-998, November-December 2010.