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June 2009 - Volume 32 - Issue 5
pp: 431-538

The Novel Chimeric Anti-NCAM (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule) Antibody ch.MK1 Displays Antitumor Activity in SCID Mice but Does not Activate Complement-Dependent Cytolysis (CDC)

Klehr, Martin; Koehl, Ulrike; Mühlenhoff, Martina; More

Journal of Immunotherapy. 32(5):442-451, June 2009.

Antitumor Activity of an EpCAM/CD3-bispecific BiTE Antibody During Long-term Treatment of Mice in the Absence of T-cell Anergy and Sustained Cytokine Release

Amann, Maria; dÁrgouges, Sandrine; Lorenczewski, Grit; More

Journal of Immunotherapy. 32(5):452-464, June 2009.

Cep55/c10orf3, a Tumor Antigen Derived From a Centrosome Residing Protein in Breast Carcinoma

Inoda, Satoko; Hirohashi, Yoshihiko; Torigoe, Toshihiko; More

Journal of Immunotherapy. 32(5):474-485, June 2009.