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Clinical Efficacy of Inhaled Nitric Oxide in Preventing the Progression of Moderate to Severe COVID-19 and Its Correlation to Viral Clearance: Results of a Pilot Study

Moni, Merlin; Madathil, Thushara; Sathyapalan, Dipu T.; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 4(1):26-33, March 2022.

Characteristics of Liver Functions in Patients With COVID-19 and Construction of a Prognostic Evaluation Decision Model Based on Liver Functions

Pan, Tongtong; Chen, Dazhi; Pan, Chenwei; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 2(4):151-159, December 2020.

Site-Specific Conjugation of Cell Wall Polyrhamnose to Protein SpyAD Envisioning a Safe Universal Group A Streptococcal Vaccine

Gao, Nina J.; Uchiyama, Satoshi; Pill, Lucy; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 3(2):87-100, June 2021.

The Utility of Voided Urine Samples as a Proxy for the Vaginal Microbiome and for the Prediction of Bacterial Vaginosis

Zhu, Bin; Diachok, Christopher; Edupuganti, Laahirie; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 4(4):149-156, December 2022.

The Group A Streptococcus Interleukin-8 Protease SpyCEP Promotes Bacterial Intracellular Survival by Evasion of Autophagy

Bergmann, René; Gulotta, Giuseppe; Andreoni, Federica; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 4(3):116-123, September 2022.

Multi-omic Microbiome Profiles in the Female Reproductive Tract in Early Pregnancy

Jean, Sophonie; Huang, Bernice; Parikh, Hardik I.; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 1(2):49-60, December 2019.

Detection of Plasmid-Mediated Tigecycline Resistance Gene tet(X4) in a Salmonella enterica Serovar Llandoff Isolate

Wang, Yanan; Liu, Fei; Xu, Xuebin; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 3(4):198-204, December 2021.

Genetic Characterization of Streptococcus pyogenes emm89 Strains Isolated in Japan From 2011 to 2019

Hirose, Yujiro; Yamaguchi, Masaya; Takemoto, Norihiko; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 2(4):160-166, December 2020.

Translation: Management of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): Experience in Zhejiang Province, China

Xu, Kaijin; Cai, Hongliu; Shen, Yihong; More

Infectious Microbes & Diseases. 2(2):55-63, June 2020.