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​​​​Founding and past co-Editors of International Journal of Women's Dermatology

Jane Grant-Kels, MD FAAD

Founding co-Editor and co-Editor in Chief 2014-2018

University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT​

Dedee and I partnered to initiate and then actually create a WDS journal. We investigated and negotiated with publishers and ultimately identified the best publisher fit at the time.  She and I garnered our USA and International editorial board as well as volunteer reviewers. We recruited for submissions amongst the best and brightest in dermatology for our new journal.  Launching the journal was no small task and took a lot of personal effort and time to encourage colleagues to submit to a new journal that was Open Access with a fee to publish and had no impact factor. Before I was required to step down as co-editor to take my post as Deputy Editor of JAAD,  we successfully achieved citation on PubMed Central. What we have accomplished is not due to only Dedee's and my efforts. We were surrounded by a wonderful team of: supportive WDS board members and officers; Neil Sadick our deputy editor; and Terrie Duhadway and then Jennifer Ehrherdt our managing editors.  This was a group effort and a labor of love to the WDS.  Finally, an issue of this journaI was sponsored by my colleagues at the University of CT Dermatology Department in my honor as they knew how dedicated I was to the WDS and IJWD!​

A Festschrift in Honor of Jane Grant-Kels, M.D. Rothe, Marti Jill

Dedee Murrell, MA, MD, BMBCh, FAAD, FACD  

Founding co-Editor and co-Editor in Chief 2014-2022

St George Hospital, University of NSW, Sydney, Australia

During her eight year tenure as co-Editor in Chief of IJWD with Drs Grant-Kels and then Dr. Murase, Dr Murrell contributed the following:

- Proposal for the WDS to start a journal at the WDS board meeting in 2013.

- Identifying a publisher

- Recruiting international members of the editorial board

- Arranging articles on history of famous women dermatologists 

- Publishing over 20 open access publications in IJWD 

- Proposed topic and Recruited editors for the Blistering Diseases special issue 

- Monthly management calls and reviewing of papers

Blistering Disorders and their Impact on Women and their Families in the International Journal of Women’s Dermatology: Honoring the Contributions of Professor Dedee Murrell. Daneshpazhooh M, Patsatsi A, Vassileva S, Murase JE.

Jenny Murase, MD FAAD 

co-Editor in Chief 2018-2022

University of California at San Francisco, CA & Palo Alto Foundation Medical Group, Mountain View, CA, USA​

During her four-year tenure as co-Editor in Chief with Dr. Murrell, Dr. Murase developed key signature pieces for the journal including the Women's Health Highlight, Patient Page, Art of Prevention Series, and Images in Women's Dermatology.  She spearheaded the Women's Health in Dermatology Special Issue in March 2017, the Skin of Color and Diversity and Inclusion Special Issue in March 2021, and the House of Medicine and Dermatology Special Issue in December 2021. She developed initiatives to disseminate knowledge of dermatologic conditions that affect women and their families including a special issue on surgical and cosmetic concerns in January 2019 and special collections of articles on COVID-19 and women's health, hidradentitis suppurativa and blistering diseases in March 2020, January 2022, and March 2022, respectively.  She also facilitated special issues to address topics that affect female dermatologists, including the Gender Gap special issue in January 2020 and the Climate Change special issue in January 2021, and promoted the development of a culture of inclusion in dermatologic publishing in order to capitalize on the diversity of the IJWD's editorial board, authorship, and scientific content.​

Dedication of the IJWD Special Issue on the House of Medicine & Dermatology to Dr. Jenny Murase.  Murase JE, Mazure CM, Williams ML