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Predatory journals in oncology: prevalence and impacts

Mohammed, Shvan H. BSca,b; Kakamad, Fahmi H. PhDa,c,d,; Salih, Abdulwahid M. MDd,e; Omar, Diyar A.a,f; Mikael, Tomas M. BSca,d; Hassan, Marwan N. BSca,e; Aziz, Masrur S. BSca; Baba, Hiwa O. BSca,d; Abdullah, Hiwa O. BSca; Mustafa, Mohammed Q. BSca,g; Essa, Rawand A. BSca; Kakamad, Suhaib H. BSca; Qadr, Goran A. BSca,h; Othman, Snur MDa; Salih, Rawezh Q. BSca,d; Abdulla, Fakher BSca; Abdulla, Berwn A. BSca,d; Najar, Kayhan A. BSca,e; Hussein, Dahat A. BSca,d; Sidiq, Shadi H. BSca; Rahim, Hawbash M. BSca,d,h; Mohammed, Karokh K. BSca; Ali, Rebwar A. BSca; Ahmed, Jaafar O. MDa; Hammood, Zuhair D. MDa,d

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IJS: Short Reports 7(3):p e55, July/September 2022. | DOI: 10.1097/SR9.0000000000000055


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