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The Indian Society for Paediatric Dermatology was established in 1996 by a group of like-minded dermatologists with the sole purpose of propagating the science of paediatric dermatology in India. The aim of the society henceforth has been, to stimulate and promote appropriate medical and scientific research and to publish the results of such research, to contribute to the education of trainees in Dermatology and scientific workers in the field of paediatrics Dermatology and to arrange and provide for the holding of scientific meetings/symposia. The society organizes medical educational programs and symposia in different parts of the country multiple times a year as well as a full-fledged National conference once every year, starting from November 1996. A full-fledged journal, “Indian Journal of paediatric dermatology dealing exclusively with issues pertaining to paediatric dermatology is published regularly starting from 1998. The society sponsors fellowship for young dermatologist in the speciality of paediatric dermatology in appropriate recognised centres after proper scrutiny. It also encourages work on the subject of paediatric dermatology by awarding grants to the department and the worker for the best thesis on paediatric dermatology. Young dermatologists are also encouraged by waving the registration for the participants whose papers were accepted in the award paper sessions in the National conference and by generously awarding the best papers and posters. The society also sponsors travel grants and registration for suitable candidates to attend international conferences of paediatric Dermatology. The society maintains a continuous relation with other sister societies internationally and regularly invite foreign speakers to the conferences and symposia conducted in India. With this the society has been significantly successful in popularising the subject of paediatric dermatology in the country and wishes to continue to do so in the future.