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Bringing frugal Indovation to eyes of babies

Akkara, John D1,2,; Kuriakose, Anju3

Author Information
Indian Journal of Ophthalmology: July 2020 - Volume 68 - Issue 7 - p 1256-1257
doi: 10.4103/ijo.IJO_480_20
  • Open

The cost factor

High cost is one of the major problems limiting access to health care. A lot of the expense associated with health care is due to expensive equipment and patented medications. Medical personnel can do little to address the high cost of newer gadgets necessary in this age of hi-tech medicine.

The gold standard

Documentation of the retinal fundus in a poorly cooperative infant is much more difficult than in a cooperative adult. Documentation of infant fundus is important for screening, follow-up, and teleophthalmology. Indirect ophthalmoscopy is considered the gold standard for screening infant fundus and RetCam (Natus USA, formerly Clarity, MSI, USA) is considered the gold standard for documentation.

Ease of use

Whether to document retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) or retinoblastoma or retinal hemorrhages, a contact fundus camera, such as the RetCam, RetCam Shuttle (Natus USA, formerly Clarity, MSI, USA), or 3nethra Neo,[1] (Forus Health, Bengaluru, India) makes it easier to get a clearly focused retinal photograph. It reduces movement of the eyeball and the camera as compared to a non-contact method.


It is, however, possible to take infant fundus photos of sufficient quality for ROP screening using a portable noncontact fundus camera as shown by Prakalapakorn et al.[2] Even a desktop model fundus camera can be used by holding the infant in a “flying baby” position on the examiner's forearm. Patel et al.[3] and Yusuf et al.[4] from the Oxford Eye Hospital showed that ultra-widefield retinal imaging of infants can be carried out by this method with a scanning LASER ophthalmoscope.

Frugal alternatives

However, all these methods are expensive, so smartphone-based frugal innovations[5] such as smartphone-based fundus imaging (SBFI) came to the rescue. DIYretcam[6] (Biju Raju, Cochin, India), MIIretcam[7] (Ashish Sharma, Coimbatore, India), T3retcam[8](Prithvi Chandrakanth, Calicut, India), Jaiz Retcam (Jaitra Gowder, Bengaluru, India), Paxos Scope(Digisight technologies, San Francisco, CA, USA), MIYretcam[9] (Anubhav Goyal, Cochin, India), HopeScope (Biju Raju, Cochin, India) are some of the smartphone-based frugal fundus cameras, which can take infant fundus photos. Wintergerst et al.[10] showed the potential of low-cost noncontact SBFI for infant fundus screening. Most of these are Indian “jugaad” Innovations, thus termed Indovations.

Combining advantages

The authors of the accompanying innovative article[11] show a method to bring some of the advantages of SBFI and contact fundus camera together by using a nasal endoscope. Although more work is needed to make this easy to use, it is indeed a good proof of concept in the field of contact SBFI. This frugal Indovation is definitely the beginning of a new branch in the evolution of fundus imaging.[12]

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